Tuesday, June 8, 2010

money talk

you know you have a problem when you dip out of school after first period to go shopping.
in my mind, it's the ideal problem to have.  my mom dangled that "I have nothing to do today, it'd be a great day to go to the big forever 21.." lure in front of my face Monday morning.  sure, the choice would be obvious to almost everyone, everyone except for me.  that's when my perfectionism kicks into place and I overanalyze whether missing school is worth it or not.  turns out, it was entirely worth it.  I scored on clothes, clothes, oh and did I mention..clothes?  
I love making my own money.

Are you a spender or a saver?
I'm both, it's a balancing act for me.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


  1. oh boy, am i jealous! sounds like a blast :] i am definitely a saver. it's actually a problem haha -- i find it really nervewrecking making purchases and i almost always walk out of the mall empty handed :[ must work on that! definitely good to have that balanced out though girlie!
    love you<3

  2. Ahh, you look adorable in that last photo!
    I am a saver for the most part, but I do splurge on clothes. Hey, what can you do? We're only young once.
    Well, that's my excuse, at least ;)

  3. hey, skipping school to go shopping seems totally legit to me!

    I definitely DEFINITELY splurge on clothes...I ADORE fashion (hence my goal of getting into the magazine industry!).

    your eyes are straight up stunning!

  4. both spender and saver. I have to force myself to lock away my money in my bank account!
    I definitely agree that school was worth missing to go shoppinn! Can't wait to see the new outfits!

  5. I love your shirt is very original!
    you are so cute girly!! your freckles are so sweet :P

  6. I am definitely both. I'll set a certain amount that I want to save each month, put it away, and then spend whatever I have left! Saving is satisfying but spending is fun.

    You're so pretty! :D

  7. haha I'm def. a spender!! I just blew all my Confirmation money on some MAC prods and some jeans and shoes from Topshop. Hope U had so much fun!! <3 Emme

  8. Yayay! You look amazing in that Blogger t-shirt, Emily - I LOVE Danny Roberts' work!

    Hmmm...I'm a mix of both a spender and a saver. When it comes to shoes I'm a spender; the rest of the time I'm a saver! :)

  9. Love your tee and your skirt... such a pretty look. I am definitely a spender... I hope I can cure this addiction soon. xoxo

  10. You look so pretty!
    Love your tee!

  11. Oh I totally a SAVER! Hahahaha but i am obsessed over your tee!! It is the cutest