Thursday, June 10, 2010

having a moment

I'm having one of those "I want to question everything because I'm unsure about everything" moments.
Sometimes I feel as if I'm a misfit; that I just don't belong anywhere, with any certain people.  Either I am overanalyzing who I am and reading too much into the situations I've been in lately, or this is actually the truth.  This pendulum of feelings and emotions just doesn't want to stop swinging.  I go through periods of time where I feel loved and wanted in a social circle, then there are times when I feel all alone.  And I go through periods of time with a smile on my face and light in my heart, then a dark rain cloud drifts over my head.  I know life isn't about being easy and staying in one place, but seriously, I'm all over the map.  A little regularity and stability would be nice.

And yes, I do realize I'm a teenager, and this stuff is inevitable.
But, at the same time, I'm not really what I consider an "ordinary" teenager.
What is normal anyway?

1.  Are you, what we call, an "emotional rollercoaster"? 
2.  What do you consider "normal"?

'night bloggies!


  1. "normal is the smile in a child's eyes. it's also the dead stare in a million adults." - Peter Shaffers "Equus" (yes, the play where harry potter dazzled us with his naked sexy body!) :] hehe.
    ^^^ my point, normal is BORING. and we are far from normal, my dear. you are so special and so beautiful, being normal would definitely be a step-down, i can tell you that.
    i too can relate to the emotional rollercoaster thing. i'm generally in such a weird mood of ups and downs, questioning everything i possibly can. but in the end, i know i do not need to question myself because i am ME and i am the perfect ME and the only ME there is. and same goes for you girlie!
    love you!

  2. Just GORGEOUS. Love the skirt...and the shirt...oh heck, BOTH of them!!!!

    Emotional rollercoasters define a teenager, I guess! As to what is normal...that's up to you to decide, isn't it? :)

  3. Oh my beautiful, fashionable little darling.
    Teenager years are full of troublesome thoughts because it is in this period of our lives where we are becoming who we are. It's a time of uncertainty and an overwhelming sense of direction, or lack thereof.

    Our emotions go up and down, because we're adjusting and changing to figure out who we are. It is a rough ride! But it doesn't last forever. You'll become you, and forget about what's considered 'normal', because there is no such thing as normal.
    You have your own experiences; you are your own person. You're unique, and that's what makes you you, darling. Your emotions, feelings, actions.

    Teenagers ARE emotional rollercoasters. It's our job to be uncertain!
    Ride it out, sweetpea. The rollercoaster ride will stop.


  4. Oh Emily! I know exactly what you are talking about with the mood swings. Eating disorders seem to amplify the normal moodiness of teenagers in my opinion. We are supposed to be dealing with natural hormone changes, but instead we are dealing with unnatural hormone changes.

    I still am all over the map when it comes to my moods. Some days I will wake up feeling brighter than the sun, and other days I will wake up feeling more depressed than ever, but it has gotten better. It used to be a day to day thing, and now it's pretty weekly. Hopefully it will continue to decline until I find out what 'normal' actually is :P

    Chin up!
    <3 Tat

  5. why yes m'am i am on an emotional rollercoaster and i firmly believe there is no "normal". there cannot be, we are all our own people. sure we can try to emulate others and use things for inspiration but in the end we make our choices based on the circumstances we are presented with.
    it's okay to be unsure, i think the only sure-ness i have comes from stubbornness, lol.
    i'm here for you babe.

  6. I have no idea what normal is but I'm so glad that I'm not! Yes, it brings it's hardships and some of the things that aren't normal about me are not good.. but, I see those people that ARE "normal" and I'm always so glad that I'm not them. They fit under the label that has been given to them and that is boring.

    As for being on an emotional rollercoaster.. every day. I'm turning 19 soon and running out of the excuse that it's just me being a teen.. haha.

  7. Normal is knowing you will wake up every day with a new fresh start. Life is what you make it, so make it sunshiney :) There are times when I feel so out of the social circle also because my sport takes up most of my time. I wonder how I call some people friends when most days I walk straight by them in school. Then I realize that I have so pretty amazing friends, even if I'm not attached to their hip 24-7. And in doing what I love, swimming, I may have sacrificed a normal high school social life, but I truely love what I do. I remind myself everyday that you have to make yourself happy before you can please others. And relish those sacrid moments when you have absolutly nothing to do!

  8. Everything is ever changing! We all have our moments where we just shine and others where all we want to do is crawl into a hole. It's better to be a rollercoaster than to just be monotone all the time! Don't let nuffin get you down :)

  9. Love this look sooo much! You are the cutest and I love that your broke out the saddle shoes!

  10. don't waste your time trying to be normal. When your head says 'i want to be alone today', be alone. When your head says 'i want to be the life of the party', throw up your hands and dance. And don't apologize for it. (it gets easier the more you practice)