Sunday, June 13, 2010

having a moment part II

Nope, that wasn't the moment.

The moment I'm talking about is the one where as I was attempting to parallel park (gutsy, I know), and I hit the Mercedes directly in front of me.  First fender bender.  Ridiculously embarrassing.  Oh, and did I mention that a very kind bystander *insert sarcasm here* called 911?  And then coincidentally, a minute later, I was surrounded by ambulances, firetrucks, and cop cars.  This little fiasco ended with a ticket (woops) and many confused EMT's and firemen staring at two teenaged girls wondering why they were even called.  Let's just say, my friday night was a little bit more exciting than I intended it to be.

Besides my night out on the town, this weekend has been fun.  I hung out with my two best friends, worked, and naturally stocked up on more peanut butter and fruit.  Plus, tomorrow is the last full day of school, then exams, then I am officially a junior.  Then Savannah in a week and a half!  Where I am going to be taking Fashion Illustration and Studio Drawing: Still Life.

First fender bender? 
there has to be some good stories out there.

catch ya later bloggies!


  1. Haha... that made me lol. Ah well, keep trying you'll be fender-bender worry free in good time :-)

    Sending lots of love,

  2. Ouch! Sorry about all the commotion... car accidents can be nerve wracking, even if it's a little fender bender!

    I backed right into someone that was behind me once. It was someone I knew, and we were both leaving the house... I couldn't see her car and I thought she left so I stepped on the gas and flew into the front of her car!

    There wasn't even a scratch on my mom's SUV, but her whole front hood was crippled :o I was so embarrassed!

    It happens :)
    <3 Tat

  3. Oh no!!! You poor thing. Thank goodness for insurance!!! Good luck with exams and those courses sound wonderful :) xox

  4. Aw! Poor girl! I am just waiting for that to happen to me *knock on wood* because let's just say that there is a reason I avoid using my permit. In short, I never should have passed ;)

    On the bright side, it could have been worse. It's all a learning experience, no?

  5. oh no!! i'm so sorry sweetie. i've got a good story for you. i got my license on november 20th of my junior year (my birthday) and on november 21st, i BEGGED my mom to let me drive to school. she said no at first, but she finally gave in, leaving me with the final words of, "go STRAIGHT to school. no stopping."
    now, you know i'm a coffee lover. there was no way i wasn't stopping at dunkin donuts!! so i ran in and got my coffee (i actually ended up getting the pumpkin flavor -- and it was terrible) and while i was pulling out, i happened to cut my corner too short and literally bent my car on a corner wall of the shopping area. $2,000 of damages on my first day out haha. such a problem...
    love you girlie :] hehe. good luck with exams!

  6. well i've had about 3 fender benders. i was in court for the first 2 (ohio is a silly place) & my second one caused me to loose my license for 6 months. all 3 i was going at a turtle speed & all 3 i sobbed for a whole day after. needless to say i don't really drive that much anymore, let alone attempt to parallel park so you are getting MAJORRR props from me for that :)

  7. oh nooo I'm sorry emily! that's a bummer. I just got my license last week so I have yet to get in an accident. you were v. brave to attempt The Parallel Park... it's still beyond me.

    but on a brighter note your fashion & art studies in Savannah this summer sound perfect for you! i just know you are going to be famous one day ;)


  8. LOVE the picture!

  9. Ah, Emily I'm so glad that you're okay. Fender benders are the worst. I actually sideswiped a curb during my third driving lesson - I haven't driven since. I'm not sure if me and driving mix too well. :/

  10. Emily, that is one experience. I never had a first fender bender since I don't drive. Hahaha! Don't laugh! I'm old and I can't drive. Have a great week! xoxo

  11. I can't believe that asshole called 911! Totally unnecessary. I've hit a different car three times.. haha.
    1) Backing out of a mall parking lot and accidentally turned to soon which resulted in me scratching the paint off of the car beside me. I zoomed off..
    2) Zoned out while waiting to go through the ferry toll booth and lifted my foot off the break. Rearended the guy in front of me.
    3) Forgot that my brother had parked behind me and backed into his car. Drove away and never told him.

    Yeah.. might want to stay away from me.

  12. I rarely comment but I had to answer your QOTD! I got in my first little accident when I still had my permit (I had for like 8 months at that point...I was slow to get on the whole license-thing). I was parking at the grocery store and I didn't park that well so my dad told me to pull out and park again. It's kind of a blur but my dad was yelling at me to turn the wheel and I panicked and got the break and the gas confused, so I ended up slamming the back of my car into another parked car. I was mortified because there was a lady sitting in the car next to the one I hit and there were two little girls across from me with their mouths wide open. I spent like an hour trying to find whose car it was and it turned out to be one of the employee's. Anyways, sorry about the accident! It really sucks that it was a Mercedes and the whole 911 thing was uncalled for.

    - Ava

  13. Oh man! Emily, I hate driving (which is part of the reason I moved to NYC) and I totally understand your pain. But you are so cute. I am sure you could get away with anything :)

  14. First one was on high school graduation day. had just gotten done with a manicure and lunch with my mom and got waved out of an intersection by someone in the lane closest to me who didn't see the car coming in the next lane over. My loss!

    As I alaways say, crazy stories keep life interesting! very happy for your happiness dear :)