Saturday, May 1, 2010

yoga class

exaggerated shoulders

I am really loving these shorts that I got yesterday from F21.
The only downfall, though, is that they don't do too well when you are walking down the street with the wind blowing them up.  desirable?  Not really.  but hey, in the name of fashion...right?

Onto what I have to tell you all about..
I forgot to mention this on my last post, but I attended my first yoga class on Tuesday!
I went all by myself, which I consider to be a big deal..because I am always apprehensive about going out on a limb and doing something that I normally wouldn't. 
 But, I did it, enjoyed it, and plan to go back!

Do you get fearful or apprehensive about doing things by yourself?

I'm out for the night bloggies.


  1. That's great Emily... yoga is good.

    And I love your shorts... I thought it was a skirt. xoxo

  2. I totally do. I tried a yoga class too and the first time I went I was so shy and self conscious that I couldn't relax. The second time it was a little better and I'm going to force myself to try it again this week because I'm trying to get over my shyness


  3. I am so apprehensive about doing things on my own.. and a lot of the time I make my mom come with me. As pathetic as it sounds, it helps relieve me of the anxiety. Hopefully one day I will feel more independent and confident :)

    Congrats on going to yoga by yourself.. and for wearing those, uh.. breezy shorts x) They look fabulous by the way :)

    <3 Tat

  4. you look so beautiful and sunny and happy! way to go girl, you are doing so well :)

  5. Great job girl! Glad you went and enjoyed the yoga class:)

    And I love that top! Just bought something with similars shoulders and I like it a lot:)

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  6. Congrats on the yoga class! I've been meaning to try it one of these days.. :)

    I'm usually okay when it comes to doing things myself. In fact, I probably do things BETTER when I'm by myself. Then again, it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

  7. congrats hun!! hope it was amazing :]

  8. I'm the same way. It's hard for me to try something new on my own. It's awesome that you did!!

  9. Emily!

    You look so fly!! Those shorts are so cute, and you couldn't have picked a better top to go with them!

    I'm so glad to see that you all your bloggie friends helped you to get you out of your little inspiration rut you were stuck in for a hot minute! It's amazing the effect that people you haven't met before can have on your life!

    There is somehting very beautiful about attending a yoga class all by your lonesome. But also something very difficult. For me, going by myself gives me some time to think of me. If I were to go with a friend, I might think about them and what they are doing instead of focusing on my practice, which is what it's all about!


  10. ... you have theeee nicest room. !

    yay for going + enjoying zee yoga class! i'd be so apprehensive about doing something like that. good for you! once i tried a group exercise class at my gym - i was with someone - but it was horrible, hah! i have zero rhythm ;) i like the idea of yoga though, i need to try it out.

    <3, beautiful!

  11. So how was the yoga class? did you like it? was it hard ?
    The exaggerated shoulders look great on you! they don't actually look as exaggerated as I thought :P
    Have a nice monday :)

  12. You are too cute for schoool! Do you use a tripod? Oh and I am one of those weird people who loves to do things alone. I love being alone. I am a super "pro-alone" person. haha, it drives my boyfriend crazy :)

  13. oh that is just awesome you went to yoga, and alone!

    i hear ya on the blowing skirts, too :)

  14. haha, i thought it was a skirt! haha, but they are really really cute.