Wednesday, May 12, 2010


between cramming for tomorrows AP test , watching ANTM, and facebookin' it -- I'm writing up this post, or uploading this post I should say.  I took more pictures than usual, but apparently, blogger doesn't want to upload them.  But, I'm blogging anyway, because it's hard for me to stay away for too long :)

I've gotten questions on how I take my pictures, if I use a tri-pod or not.  And the answer is, yes, I do. 
My tri-pod is anything and everything that is a good vantage point.
My dresser - sure.
The step ladder that was in my room for two months straight - uh huh.
My bed - hey, I don't discriminate.

timer is basically my bffl when it comes to taking pictures in the morning.  
I hope to upgrade to a remote soon!  but we'll see about that.

Life lately has been the norm, whatever that is.  School is stressful and almost over (yay!).
I hope to have a more extensive post later in the week.  
I feel like I haven't really "posted" about life much lately.

sweet dreams!

P.S. for those Twilight Saga lovers out there, tune in tomorrow to Oprah!


  1. ahhh it is not fair that you are so effortlessly gorgeous my girl! the outfit is adorable. i REALLY want oxfords.
    good luck with your test!

  2. Hey! I've been following your blog for some time now, and I wanted you to know what *amazing* style you have... I absolutely love it! You are also drop dead gorgeous and an inspiration to all of us on the road to recovery :)

  3. good luck on the APs girl, i promise they are not as bad as everyone tries to tell you.
    beautifulll outfit on a gorgeous girl <3

  4. Good goo! You're so cute! I love the outfit. How excited are you for summer? I can't wait for you to go to SCAD, you'll have a great time!

  5. wow the lady in red! you look so pretty girl :)

  6. The vibrant color combo is poppin', I must admit :)
    Glad so hear that I'm not the only
    one who totally improvs when taking photos. You look gorgeous, Emily. Keep that smile shining!

  7. girl I totally know how stressed you are! I'm in a junior in hs... but also a freshman/sophomore in college... so I'm finally done with my college classes this week (yay!) and the finals. But I still have hs finals to worry about... oh well. Summer's close enough!! :-) have an awesome day!
    - Emme

  8. oh sweetie - sorry about the stress, but try to enjoy the experience while you can!!

    Twilight on Oprah?! eek!!!! thanks for the dish, girlie :)

  9. Ooh, I love the red and black combo! It looks amazing together and you are looking gorgeous. :)

    I've always wanted to watch Oprah but I always forget and still haven't managed to figure out what time her show is on. :/

  10. you little cutie pie you, love the pictures!
    I'm waiting for that last day of school too, it will be here before you know it!

  11. Emily you have so outdone yourself with this ensemble! I absolutely adore everything about it - especially the knee-highs and the brogues!

    Good luck with school, my love!! :)

  12. have you ever thought of modeling? seriously! i would buy the clothes haha. i love the outfit you put together - especially the high knee socks with those shoes! to die for.

  13. emily the last picture is sososososososososo gorgeous.

  14. You are too cute!! I love that skirt and good luck on APs!!