Sunday, May 23, 2010


These past few days have been really hard.
really really hard.
there have been many thoughts processing through my brain which I haven't been too fond of, but I'm working through them.  I might sound cliched, but I honestly have the best friends in the world.

it looks like I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy.
memorial day weekend = monday off = shopping = happy Emily.
see, I am good at math.

my Savannah trip is coming up soon!  I'm so excited. my parents are working out the logistics of getting me there and getting me back.  I might have to fly alone! Which is exciting, but nerve racking at the same time.  I am NOT a good flyer, probably because a) bad experiences with turbulence and b) the whole thing just freaks me out.  But I'm thinking that going solo will be good for me, because I need uncomfortable experiences to get me out of my comfort zone.

how do you feel about flying on planes?


thanks to weheartit for the pictures


  1. ah my girl, i'm so sorry you are struggling :[ i know how you feel. but things will improve soon -- i just know it!
    and i've actually been flying all my life, so it barely phases me anymore. i think its just something you have to get used to. my mom sent my sister and i on a plane alone when i moved back from london at age 9, so i was a youngin! but i did fly to italy alone two summers ago and it was a invigorating experience :] you feel so responsible. i know you can handle it!

  2. hey girl, fight those thoughts. keep remembering to 'just do it' and carry a litlte faith and hope in the process.


  3. I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling, Emily. Remember where you are headed, and that you cannot reach your goals when you are emotionally restricted. It is okay to have mental setbacks- we all do- just don't let them get in the way of your future!
    I have flown quite often, both alone and with my parents (mostly because we lived in Europe and I would come home to the US to visit friends.) It is a little intimidating the first time, but you'll see that there are always people to ask where to go and such.
    Keep your head up, Emily!

  4. as for planes--i'm okay with them, i just don't think about it much. all i can do is believe it will be fine. and the few times i've flown its been all good.
    the past few days have been rough for me as well, so glad to see you've got great friends to help you through it. retail therapy forrr sure :)

  5. Hang in there Emily, things will get easier and eventually those thoughts will fade into a whisper that is more easily banished.

    I'm actually really good with planes and find them fun.. possibly because I don't get to go on them that often. :)

  6. Hi Emily!!
    I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time, be strong honey!!!
    i hope retail therapy helps and enjoy day dreaming about Savannah!

  7. That quote is a really powerful one. I've been going through my own sort of inner crisis and I totally understand (even if in a different way) how tough it is. Hang in there, stay strong, you have sooo many friends and fellow bloggers who look up to you. It's good to get it out and find friends to lean on for support too.

    I've never done a solo flight but it's quite nerve wracking enough with others. I get scared that I'll do something wrong or forget to do something... it's all quite serious. Actually, my first solo flight will be to Washington next summer (your winter) and I'm SO scared - America's security is pretty heavy as you probably know, little New Zealand has nothing on it. I'm freaked out at the prospect!

  8. I love flying!

    I am terribly sorry you are having a tough time. But you are strong and I know you can get through it!

  9. Emily, you are a brave girl... I know you will get through this.

    Don't be afraid of plane rides... just bring a good book or magazine and in no time, you will reach your destination.

    And enjoy your Memorial day shopping... you deserve the treat. xoxo

  10. I am so not a fan of flying on planes; but...bring your iPod and close your eyes, and you can totally transport yourself to another place!! :)

  11. that quote is SOOO true.

    i hope you have a great time in Savannah! flying makes me a bit nervous, too. as does getting lost in the airport, haha. don't be afraid to ask the people working for help! good luck :D