Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've worn this tunic before, but today I realized just how easy tunics are to wear.  
they are comfortable, flattering, feminine, and perfect to wear in the midst of spring, when there are a number of sporadic cold days and numerous warm days.

what do you find easiest to wear while still remaining fashionable?


Many of you were wondering what SCAD Summer Seminars is.
It is an art program for the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. 
I am, hopefully, a prospective student!

that's it for now..
goodnight bloggies!


  1. EEEEEEP! I love that top so much!

    And I am sooooo excited for you, Emily! That will be a wonderful experience and the fashion building in Savannah is gorgeous! I'm really glad you are getting this experience. I am also very glad that we met each other.

  2. Love the tunic! It's so cute and the color is so vibrant and engaging. I would have to say that leggings is my easiest go-to item to wear that is still fashionable, and not to mention, pretty comfy too!

  3. I love tunics and that piece you're wearing is so pretty. Love the prints. xoxo

  4. That tunic is beautiful! I'm not really a fashionista, but I love wearing my fleece hoodies from American Eagle. It's like I am trying to be in style, but fooling everyone because they are super comfortable.

    <3 Tat

  5. Emily you are just too beautiful for words!
    I pretty much live in leggins with loose-fitting dresses :) so comfy!
    Much love
    <3 Hannah

  6. i love love love your tunic and the whole outfit, you are so stunning, you should make a look book? :) i think the thing i find easiest to wear yet still feel fashionable is American apparel basic tops and dresses, there designs are always pretty much teh same each season and year yet always in style, simple and clean! also black opaque tights...always a staple for me.


  7. Leggings, tunics, and boots. Completely comfortable and completely chic. LOVING the colors of your tunic - so perfect for Spring, Emily!! :)

  8. very pretty tunic!
    so rich and colourful:)

  9. Hi there :)

    I just came across your blog today and I must say you are an INSPIRATION! omg, I honestly can't say how much I love your style and your passion for what you do. I too, am a fashion addit who is battling with similar issues, but seeing someone in the same position but following their true passions is such an uplifting thing. So THANKYOU and please keep doing what you do!! I'll definately be a regular reader :)

    from a little fashionista in New Zealand!