Sunday, April 25, 2010

new day new challenge

I'm in a rut in so many places in my life right now.

food - rut.
fashion - rut.
art - almost in a rut.

what's the deal?
well, if I knew, then I wouldn't be in this position.

so I'm here to propose a challenge for myself, with a little help from YOU.

food - list an ingredient that you love and think I should introduce into my life.
I will compile the list and will force myself to choose something new to eat with the various combinations of foods.   any meal of the day, so please, suggest away!

fashion - tell of a fashion trend that you are apprehensive of wearing yourself, but would love to see it styled on an everyday girl such as myself.
I will do my best in trying to work my closet magic and come up with a way to wear it.

art - pick one word or phrase that you would use to describe me.
I will try and incorporate this into my art work somehow, someway.  I need inspiration, so please tell of the first thing that pops into your head.

challenges usually have a start date and an end date, but I'm not going to assign dates.
I will do this until it's no longer necessary and I am out of my ruts!

so what are you waiting for?
challenge me!


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  2. Hi Emily! I'm Emme (Emily) and I'm a new reader of your blog and I absolutely love it. (Just thought I'd let you know!) :-)

    Okay. As a fellow fashion/music/food obsessed girl (with an ed, unfortunately)... I would be glad to help you out!

    My favorite food is egg whites. Hard boiled, mixed with veggies (like mushrooms and hominy corn!) in a fritatta/omelette... eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's packed with protein and SO delicious. You can even make desserts with it like pumpkin "cake", or mix it into oats to make them fluffy. Egg whites are PERF.

    Fashion- as far as fashion goes right now, I'm really (and always have been!) into minimalistic, army/militaristic, neutral, street style-esque looks. I love dark, smokey eyes with a matte or glossy nude lip... so gorg! I really love the Alexander Wang runway looks, esp. the pony braid. And as for shoes... I'm OBSESSED with those amazing Miu Miu wedges that popped up all over their runway this past season. As ugly as it may sound... wedges and (hunter green or khaki) rolled cargo pants with a a flowy tank, long necklace, and hair piled into a high bun is my go-to outfit of the moment. It is so cute, I promise. Hope my insight of my fashion influences of the moment gave you some ideas! :-)

    Art- as far as I can read from your blog posts, you are so CREATIVE. your room is beautifully decorated and you take pride in your clothing. CREATIVE is a great word to describe you.

    good luck with everything! :-)
    - Emme

  3. I lurve beans. I'm sure you do to, but you could try different types- garbanzo, lentils, lima, soybeans, kidney
    I find it so hard to believe that you are in a rut with fashion! Your outfits never fail to have wow factor. But how about a vest?
    Durable. I'm not sure how else to describe a girl like you! Besides beautiful and gorgeous and lovely and pleasant, but you knew that already. :)

  4. Cool cool idea! I hope you manage!
    1) Brazil nuts.
    2) Something with a big collar.
    3) Progressing.

  5. Oooh this is so exciting.

    1) tahini (no surprise there, eh?)
    2) I adore high-waisted pencil skirts.. but I always feel like they are too mature for me!
    3) Special

    <3 Tat

  6. Lets get you out of this rut, girl!

    1. Beans, eggs and dried fruit (Not together, of course!)
    2. High waisted shorts/pants/skirts with a cropped top! The look is so cute, perfect for summer. But I always find myself aprehensive!
    3. innovative

  7. 1. cream cheese (first thing that came to mind!) (and i do love my cream cheese!)
    2. rompers, clogs
    3. edgy

  8. Food - Cashews.

    Fashion - Maxi skirt.

    Art - Fantastical! :)

  9. Hey Emily!
    I'm a new commenter, although I've been following your blog for a bit and just love it!
    1)cinnamon almonds and cinnamon raisin bagels (i know you said 1, but I couldn't decide :)
    2)classy tie-dye
    4)major props to you for being able to see and admit that you're in a 'rut'. That takes serious strength and courage; I know you'll be out of you rut soon. <3

  10. I'm obsessed with rosmary in eggs right now! It gives an awsome but subtle flavor. I'm also a fan of hearty breakfast muffins made wtih applesauce, granola topping, dried fruit and such, a great breakfast on the go!

    As for fashion, I love any sailor prints(especially pinstriped shorts) rompers,rompers,rompers, high waisted satin shorts, tribel prints, and white blazers

    And for your are how bout you try something really different? Take your love for new york but incorperate the edgier, grungier side. Posh always comes to mind when I think of you.How bout something really upscale/classy/modern like your room decor

  11. Acid wash shorts/skirts!

    With all the fresh produce in the summer I like to make my meals super colorful with red cabbage, bell peppers and zuchini

  12. Food: Avocado!
    Clothes: Oh I love the look of exaggerated shoulders right now!
    Art: Strong


  13. Food: Cheddar cheese
    Clothes: Sparkly embellishments
    Art: Smart

  14. Great idea Emily.

    Food: sushi
    Fashion: socks and heels
    Art: beautiful

  15. Hmmm I think you should try quesadillas - with wet scrambled eggs and all other kinds of goodness. xxSAS

  16. Love this idea.
    1) Transform a savory dish into a sweet dish
    2) high waisted jean (I just bought one but I don't know how to wear it!)
    3) Sexy :p

  17. 1. hummus
    2. ...tie dye... hehe
    3. creative

  18. 1.flat bread haha
    2.rompers-i wanna get one but i dont think it would work on me :/
    3.whimsical haha dont ask, you said the first word that pops into my head and for some reason...that was the first word :)

  19. avante garde

    that's the word(s) i'd use for you b/c you are classy, edgy, forward thinking, WISE beyond!!! your years, just amazing. That's you :)

  20. Food: Japanese Panko...saute anything in olive oil with this for low fat CRUNCH.

    Fashion: Can't help you there :)

    Art (you): Perceptive

  21. One of my favorite foods right now is mango! Or dried figs. ;)

    Fashion-wise.. um. Those full body short jumpsuit things.

    You: Courageous.

  22. food...avacado & chocolate
    fashion..BRIGHT neon colors


  23. Hi Emily! I just found your blog and I really loved it! you have such an amazing style, i love your outfits!
    So, to help you get out of your ruts :)

    food: right now I have an affair with tropical fruits, papaya, mango and jicama! all of them with lime juice and chili powder, give them a shot :)

    fashion: mmmm i think i'd like to see something worn by Lady Gaga styled in a more "normal" way? i dunno!

    art: i haven't read enough to describe you but you strike me as fresh, brave and lovely :)

  24. 1.medjool dates (though you probs already eat those, but what can i say, i'm obsessed!)

    2. boyfriend jeans

    3. radiant