Tuesday, April 6, 2010


mindful |ˈmīndfəl|adjective [ predic. ]conscious or aware of something
Right now I am working on being more mindful.  A big part of my eating disorder is being able to numb what I'm really feeling deep down inside.  It's always been that way, even from when I was very little.  But only in the past year or two have I developed destructive behaviors to take up that numb space (enter: restriction).  
Mindfulness is something that we all should strive towards.  It's about knowing what you are feeling, being aware of yourself in that exact moment.  The hard part is not only knowing what you are feeling, but being able to make healthy decisions in regards to those feelings.  Just because you feel fat, should you go and body check?  No.  If you have the urge to go purge because you just ate something "bad"? No.
That is being mindful.  Knowing your feelings are there, but also knowing how to act or not act at that exact moment.  Are you mindful?  Do you strive to be mindful?  And if you are, how do you stay in check with your mindfulness?
Well bloggies, that's all I got for you tonight.A week until I'm a licensed driver!
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  1. I love the nautical look... it screams summer. I am always mindful... I think things over before I act on something. xoxo

  2. Well I think that you are beautiful and happy that you are feeling healthy and wonderful.

  3. Wow.. can I just say I LOVE that dress! Waaay too cute!

    I strive to be mindful too.. and it is hard. But I have also realized how much easier it is to get in touch with my own feelings as I gain weight. A healthy brain is so much easier to work with! I am sure you can agree :)

    <3 Tat

  4. AAHHHHH j'dore that dress, I am loving the nautical theme atm!
    I strive to be mindful, being completely present when I am talking to friends/family, noticing "fat feelings" and seeking comprehension of the emotions behind that... definitely NOT an easy task. Perserverance and patience, is what I need on that one :)

    P.S. I have those shoes !!!! So cool.

  5. ahhhhhzzaa !!!
    lol :)
    i adore that dress. you have such perfect style!

    yesyess, i agree with everything you said about the importance of mindfulness. it's one of my biggest pitfalls too. I numb out, too :\

    hope your wednesday goes well! of course it will, in THAT outfit :D

    <3 http://www.prettytimepiece.org

  6. If mindful means aware, I definitely try to be. It's very helpful to break patterns, be it emotional, food-wise, behavioural...
    On a lighter note: Your nautical dress is just gorgeous!

  7. I'm mindful 24/7. It's actually one of the things that has spurned ED on in me in the past. I tend to overanalyze, overthink, and overworry about EVERYTHING. It's hard to keep those feelings at bay.

    Loving your dress by the way. Is that the nautical tunic from Forever 21? :)

  8. Cuuuute shoes! I want some like that but I always forget about it when I go shopping.

    I'm not a very mindful person but it is definitely something I'm striving towards. I'll get there one day. :)

  9. Beautifully written post, Emily! I love your seafaring look!

  10. ahh did you get that dress from forever 21?? i legit just saw that like an hour ago haha. so cute :] and i agree -- mindfulness is so important in recovery!
    love you girl

  11. Georgeous dress girl, sweet as a cupcake:)

    lol Factory Girl