Monday, March 22, 2010

uneventful monday

I'm sure many of you were hoping to see what exactly it was that I wore for the fashion show.  
Well, I'm not going to lie and say "there weren't any pictures" or "the pictures were blurry".
I am going to be truthfully honest with you and say, there are pictures and they aren't blurry, but...I'm not happy with the way that I look in them.  This whole body image thing is getting to me hard.  I never thought I would be in this position this early in the game (recovery).  I just want to love my body.  I want to feel comfortable in it.  I want to lay down at night, put my head on my pillow, close my eyes and know that everything is going to be alright, that I am beautiful the way god made me, no matter how much I weigh.

Today proved uneventful. 
Therapy was helpful, and I was goofier than usual :)  Mind you I am an absolute introvert.
Yesterday at work I chitchatted with my boss and moved around some hours, so now I'll be working three days a week!  Which is perfectly a-okay with me, because I need the cash since I'll be getting my license in t-minus 23 DAYS.  Perfection.  I'll be driving all over the world (attention bloggies: stay off the road).

I totally forgot to get the pomegranate juice review. FAIL.  
oh all understand.

I'm off to "study" ;)



  1. LOVE the boots!
    Cheer up girl, you are beautiful :)
    <3 Tat

  2. oh honey this breaks my heart -- especially because I know you probably looked breathtakingly gorgeous in those photos! Don't allow ED to skew your perception of yourself- You are stunning, beautiful, and more importantly -- you possess such a brilliant SOUL which is most important. Please take a second look at those pictures and realize just how unbelievable you are!

  3. Oh Emily, I wish you wouldn't be too hard on yourself... you are beautiful no matter what.

    I wish you can still post the pics and let us be the judge.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Want these wonderful boots. And I am sure you looked gorgeous! Don't be so hard on yourself!

  5. Hmmmm I am not sure if my first comment went through :( But I wanted to tell you that I love your boots and you are gorgeous and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself!

  6. Cheer up buttercup, regardless of what your mind is telling you, I KNOW that you looked absolutely gorgeous in whatever it is you were wearing in that fashion show.

    One day, everything WILL be alright. I believe it so you had better believe it too. :)


  7. well first off i think that you SHOULD post the pictures of you in your outfit from the fashion show because I am sure that u look beautiful in them :) also i just wanted to tell you that now every time i see you at school, i always look at your outfits haha you have a great sense of style

  8. hehe oh goodness, my license is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me haha. thats kind of sad...
    please post pics!! i'm sure you look stunning, AS ALWAYS!
    love you baby

  9. Emily,

    I understand what you are going through. One thing that helped me this past week (because I was feeling it, too) was to think to myself "What did you do today? You ran, you walked, you stretched and balanced, you lifted, without nutrients your body can't do any of those things."
    I know it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue by any means, but it helps me to think about how strong I am when I feed my body!
    I wish you the best, and maybe one day you will have the courage to show those pictures.
    But none of us need to see pictures to know you're beautiful!

  10. Emily, you are perfectly perfect. I knowww you looked gorgeous at the fashion show. The scale don't mean a thing.
    23 days!!! :D

  11. Emily,
    Throw away those meaningless numbers and take up life! I know how awful it feels to go through photos, only noticing the flaws. But I promise you that you are beautiful, and can only spread your shining personality once ED is relinquished. Keep up the strength! You can get through this.

  12. I adore those boots!
    Forget the numbers, beautiful. I am also having a hard time with accepting my new body. It will come in time. Love ya! -Kylee

  13. Self respect in not a function of size, age, or wealth. Breath deep, sing loud and sweet,"I am me, I am unique."
    Jonathan Lockwood Huie