Thursday, March 11, 2010


These past few days have been gorgeous.
another word that comes to mind is SPRING.

my mind is full of ramblings and thoughts.  I really don't know how to express them.  
I am having a hard time accepting this new body.  I find myself wanting my old appearance, talking myself out of it, only to want it more.  It's an ongoing "I like this" to "I don't like this" cycle.

I'm sure it's all a part of this big, long process.

the good news is...Grey's is on tonight, Remember Me comes out tomorrow, the eclipse trailer has been released, and the fashion show is in a week!  You are probably wondering what I'm talking about with that last one, but you'll just have to wait and see...

and thank you for your sweet words about my winter formal blues.
every comment brightens my mood more and more!

Looks like I'm off to plant my tush in front of the TV,


  1. Love love love your outfits! So inspiring!
    FASHION SHOW?!?!?! I wanna hear! Fess up

  2. I love both outfits Emily... so fresh and really perfect for spring. xoxo

  3. what a wonderful set of pics! you are stunning, emily! and so talented to take your own pics.

    Have a peaceful evening and hugs to you!

  4. Adjusting to your new body is never going to be easy... You were stuck in your old body for so long that even the slightest change is going to feel unnatural. I can relate so well to wanting to love and accept these changes, but having a hard time actually doing so.
    You look absolutely stunning in these photos! i especially love the dress. And you know what!? I see health and beauty... you have (darest I say?) some womanly cleavage there!

  5. hey! the boots are back! i guess your week's up, huh? :)

  6. I should just add, your outfits totally inspire me. The other day I was wearing something and I was just thinking "man, I feel like Emily!" You're gorgeous girl, still can't get over that amazing smile!
    I have the same issue regarding my new body vs. old body. I have faith that the longer I spend in my new body, MY body as opposed to anorexia's body, the more comfortable and loving I will be to it. (: -Kylee

  7. Oh Emily, you are the perfect picture of Spring - I love both of these looks. Don't stress, my love; as our bodies change things become a bit complicated, but you'll get used to it - just give it time. We're all here to support you!! :)

  8. I love the first outfit! That dress is way too cute. I'm excited that Spring is almost here, and then.. summer.

    PS. Emily, you are beautiful. :)

  9. I love love love your sense of style its so classy, and beautiful. And i hope that everything with ED is going to be okay, but i think we both know that it will :)

  10. i love that dress! hope your mind calms down soon :)

  11. It's funny how you mention how the last few days have been warm and sunny. We've had a glorious summer down in NZ, and in the latest of days it's been turning cold and miserable. For the first time in ages we had a fog and I had to sleep with an extra blanket on my bed.

    I should migrate north!!