Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring weekend

after the show. 
and yes. I'M EATING CAKE.

the camera shy sister.

the new sandals that I wore.
oh DSW, how I love thee.

Nordstrom goodies.

The Fashion Show = success!

in other aspects of my life...
I. can't. put. this. down.

some art for your viewing pleasure..

my Saturday night included watching New Moon *wink, wink*
and relaxing...because that's exactly what I needed after a long day.
today I'm working, and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather.

stay tune for a POM Pomegranate Juice review.
the wonderful people from POM sent me a case that I need to dive into!

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!


  1. you look absolutely, positively stunning. i can't get over it. what an artist you are as well!! :)

  2. Share some pics of the fashion show... I'm excited to see them.

    I love DSW too. xoxo

  3. you are too stinking gorgeous for your own good -- and that cake looks like a dream! please tell me you enjoyed every single bite :) *muah!*

    you are so talented, Emily -- thank you for sharing your brilliance with us!

  4. ahhhh my beautiful emily, you have SO MUCH TALENT!! that art is fantastic. ahhh, glad the fashion show was a success!
    love you!

  5. Emily!
    #1 Your art is amazing! I am in love with the first, and the boot sketch is amazing! It's so difficult to draw from a semi-arial perspective like that, so I applaud your success!
    #2 I hope you relished every bite of that cake, because it looks delish!
    #3 You look adooorable in that first photo! So smiley and cheerful.

    Amaaaazing are THEE, Emily. Forget DSW!

  6. OH MY GOSH! Emily.. you look incredible! Seriously.. I am blown away with how radiant and happy you look in that picture :) Congrats girl!

    Your art is FABULOUS as well.. I really appreciate good art and you are super talented!

    <3 Tat

  7. I'm so glad you had a fabulous time at the fashion show, Emily - and I cannot stress how much I adore your drawings. The last one is my favorite...I'm obsessed with swings. That particular piece is just so whimsical and enchanting!! :)

  8. Emily! You look gorgeous! I love that shirt. :D And your art is amazing! I wish I had half the talent that you have. :)

  9. what a fun post. oh..NEW MOON...hmm..It has to be just as good the second or 3rd time around. Love the shoes. the cake looks yummy too.

  10. Is that a Betsey Johnson top I spy? Or are my eyes deceiving me?!

    Love your artwork! You have a very unique style!

  11. Holy crapoli you are BEYOND gorgeous!! I want that top something fierce!

  12. aww I LOVE your floral print top! you are so pretty! and amazing art, you are really talented!

  13. this post made me so happy! you are crazy-gorgeous em, i know you've heard this a million times, but seriously - Cover Girl! ;)

    I love your "Morning" piece. I remember it from your vlog. I want a copy!! hehe

    hope the show was amazing, i'm sure it was! <3

  14. you are honestly SO freakin talented!!! & beautiful- that cake must have been fabbb.

  15. Love the cake pic.. obvi :P lol
    HOLY CRAP, YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!! You're an incredible artist my dear!!!

    I'm currently reading Wasted too.. SO GOOD.

    -A <3

  16. I don't think I knew you were an artist! And a great one, at that! You look stunning girl, I can't get over that beautiful smile! I couldn't put that book down when I read it, either. So happy you had a great weekend! -Kylee