Sunday, March 14, 2010

rain, rain..

"Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
Langston Hughes

I've always loved the rain.

It's ability to lure you underneath the covers, warm and cozy,
 and not feel guilty for not doing anything at all.

the frequent rhythm of pitter-patter, soothing every worry or stress.

the ultimate excuse for enjoying yourself doing whatever it is that relaxes you.

have you taken a rainy day lately?



  1. I love the sound of raindrops falling on my roof... but I hate it when it rains so hard in Manila, the streets become so flooded.

    Have a great day Emily! xoxo

  2. Rain - can be quite comforting and the best excuse to take time for yourself!!!!! I love the sound of raindrops on my window while i am sleeping. I do however love the sunshine more!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!! xo aimee

  3. jeez, i wish i could look at rain like that! seasonal depression ruins that for me :[ rain makes me really sad most of the time. but i have a whole week full of em left to try out a nice happy rainy day! its going to be raining here all week! haha :] good or bad thing? who knows.
    love you baby

  4. I always say there is no more magical sound to wake up to than that of raindrops tapping on the windows - loving this post, Emily! Oh, I wish some rain would come my way - I want a rainy day!! :)

  5. Rain has such a bad rep -- thank you for exposing it's beauty :)

  6. i love the rain, but it's one of those things where i'm like "how can i miss you if you never leave?" lol it's been raining SO MUCH here, but today is finally gorgeous!

  7. Thank you :)
    rainy days for me are about books & hot cocoa!


  8. wow beautiful pictures i love them

  9. I love rainy days when I get to stay at home. My luck always causes it to rain on days when I have school or work! Have a beautiful day love! -Kylee

  10. i also love rainy days! so comforting and inspiring to do some reflecting.

    btw, just caught up on your other couple of posts - your bedroom is AMAZING! i am seriously impressed!


  11. lovely blog! love ur outfit posts a lot! ure very pretty and stylish!!!

    xoxo jenna

  12. Lovely pictures that truly capture the mood of rainy days!

    Don't forget to stop by my blogs!

  13. I hate rain, but rainy days when sitting with a good book nice and warm inside...that's a different story;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  14. cuteeee pictures. i love sitting in and eating pastries on a rainy day, but i always have to go to school or work!!!

    AlphaBetaChic Blog