Monday, March 8, 2010

picture overload

should a bad winter formal stop me from posting pictures?

psh. never.

'twas not a good night for many reasons.
one being - Mr. ED decided this was going to be his night to shine.
two - I felt strangely and awkwardly out of place amongst my friends.
three - the dance was so hot and stank like you wouldn't believe..literally and metaphorically.

more photos?
you got it.

wow, the most pictures ever!

anyways, my monday was okay.  I had therapy, which was really needed..perfect timing.  And I'm just counting down the days until the weekend and spring break ;)  


1.  How do you deal with body image issues when they surface?  What are your coping methods?

2. Favorite movie of 2009?  

3. Favorite Oscar dress seen on the red carpet?

spill!  I want to hear your thoughts.

Sweet dreams!


  1. loving the red shoes. and i LOVED sandra bullock's ensemble, though many had gorgeous dresses this year.

    when I have bad body image, I try to distract myself, shift focus towards something productive-- no matter how impossible it may seem.. it's worth it.

    have a wonderful evening <3

  2. Love the outfit for Winter Formal, it may have been crummy, but at least you looked killer!

    I loved Rachel McAdams dress. But I had a serious Fash-gasm over Cameron Diaz! I loved all the nude and champagne colored dresses on the red carpet!
    Not to mention all the gorgeous navy/black combos!

  3. I love your formal dress... you look fabulous Emily. The pearls are such an elegant touch.

    Great to see you back with your boots... I kinda miss them.

    My Oscar faves... Cameron Diaz, SJP, Sandra Bullock to name a few.

    Have a great day sweetie! xoxo

  4. You have such an amazing smile, Emily! You look so fantastic (:
    When body image issues surface for me, I try to make sure I wear something that automatically makes me feel pretty/hot/cute/whatever. As I'm sure you know, what you're wearing can make a huge difference on your outlook. Or at least for me it does. Have a great day beautiful (: -Kylee

  5. Sorry you didn't love Winter Formal. You still looked beautiful. My favorite movie of 2009 was Inglorious Basterds and I loved Miley Cyrus last night! She was so classy!!

  6. oh i'm sorry to hear that formal wasn't great..but at least you looked fab!!

  7. The winter formal outfit is so lovely! Perfect LBD, Can I ask where you got it? I think everyone has evenings that turn out like that, don't let it get to you, try again next time!
    Best film of 09 has to have been Coco before Chanel, or maybe the September Issue... Grace Coddington is an inspiration in it. I thought Cameron Diaz made a surprisingly great dress choice!

  8. Oh Emily, I'm sorry! ED does chose the worst times, no? Well, it's over on the bright side, and you looked COMPLETELY fabulous! I adore the delicate and simple makeup with the necklace. Also I may just have to steal that second dress.
    I cope by focusing on either a) breathing or b) the things others are saying. b) is usually harder. Sometimes it helps to go outside and regroup. It is important to do what you can to keep a minor setback from becoming a major relapse. Be strong gorgeous!

    Fav movie: Julie and Julia
    Fav oscar dress:Elizabeth Banks in Versace

  9. Oh.. I'm sorry the dance didn't work out! If it's any consolation, you look absolutely stunning :)

    Dealing with body image can be really tough, but honestly.. don't avoid your body. Try putting on some of your favourite music and have some one-on-one dance time with the mirror :P It sounds dorky, but it's pretty hard to hate your body when you are dancing around like a fool to good music :)

    You are doing fabulously dear, DON'T let ED take all this progress away. You deserve a life full of happiness and health. I know you can get there :)
    <3 Tat

  10. wow, i am in Love with all of these photos!! u look so stunning, and the outfits are pretty much GENUS like amazing :)

    I am so sorry ED came along babes :/ u deserve nothing but the best! AH body image sucks, its so hard to deal w. it constructively, when my body image is getting to me, i do things like take a bath/paint nails or buy some sort of thing thats not clothing, but a new bag/shoes/head band etc..but the best is to sit down and just rationalize my ed thoughts, and think about them-conteract the negative w. a positive.

    mr. ed- "your "fat"
    me- "but theres no way, i am! i am beautiful"

    :) see, easier said than done but if we replace a LIE and mean thought, w. something starts to become more real.
    hang in there, and keep being you! when i see you i see a beautiful(very very teeny) girly, w. such potential to be famous? hehe ;] and just a star! ur amazing. I believe in you girly!


  11. you are beautiful darling <3 i'm so sorry ED felt the need to accompany you to your dance :[ next time, TELL HIM he's not invited :P
    stay strong darling. you have so much to fight for. love all your outfits btw!
    hmm, bad body image is a tough one. i generally use self-talk to coax myself out of ED thoughts.
    didn't watch the oscars unfortunately!

  12. Cameron Diaz was gorgggeous.
    I love the second outfit and the buttons on your cardigan from Winter formal, I didn't notice those before.
    School dances are usually not the greatest. I think a girl time sleepover is in need.

  13. When ED surfaces...I go buy myself someting. Mascara. Eye shadows. Skirt. Anything.

    My wallet worse ennemy is ED, lol.

    I see boots, lol! You must be glad the challenge week is over!
    I love your lips, what lipstick do you use?

  14. ... i love the second photo of the first outfit, and i LOVE those sweaters' buttons!

    sorry the dance sucked :( they usually do, unless they are amazing. it's either way really ;)

    to answer your questionssss
    1) I mope around a lot, try on different outfits, take pictures of myself, make my hair really big so my body looks smaller in comparison, etc. lol. oh yeah, and to second a couple other people, i also buy things
    2) i loved 'i love you, man' ! funniest movie i'd seen in awhile :D
    3) i didn't watch the Oscars, we don't have cable :\ it's not that we're like anti-media or anything, i'm super commercialized, it's just that the internet is better and we're poorish (from me spending too much money because i have bad body image. jkjk lol)

    <3 <3

  15. Despite the bad time you had at winter formal, just know that, as always, you looked absolutely stunning! We all have moments when we feel out of place - even amongst friends. Don't let it get you down. Now...answers!

    1) I wear baggy clothes, or stay inside. I know that's a horrible coping method, but I'd grown too accustomed to it. :(

    2) I don't think I saw a single movie in 2009; sad but true.

    3) Hands down Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie. Loved their looks!! :)

  16. sorry you didnt have fun at the dance :( stupid ed for intruding!! you are beautiful... if i am having a bad body image day, i try to wear somehting i feel good in. in 2009 my fav movie was probably avatar!


  17. 1. welll for me whenever i feel fat, it always takes me forever to choose out an outfit because i dont want anything to make me look extra fat. haha i usually end up wearing a sweater and jeans and slippers.

    2. my favorite movie...well the sad thing is that by the time i see movies there like 5 years old cause i never go to the movie theater. so ill just say my favorite movie of all time which is a beautiful mind, its really great.

    3.well i never see any of those dresses so ill google this question real quick and see what i like...okay so Demi Moore, her dress was really nice as well as Penelope Cruz's.

    so now im guna get to the ed not very familiar with these kinda things but i think it might always be a tiny part of you. I dont think that its going to be a problem though because you are becoming sososososoooo strong and it seems like your therapy is helping which im very happy about.

    and winter formal, homecoming, and like all those dances are always so hot and gross lol and the whole place just seems to smell like doesn't help that its in the gym, where that odor seems to linger all the time.

    well i have to say that im officially hooked on your blog, its just amazing!!! its truly inspirational, and awe inspiring.

    Fall in love or fall in hate
    Get inspired or be depressed
    Ace a test or flunk a class
    Make babies or make art
    Speak the truth or lie and cheat
    Dance on tables or sit in the corner
    Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
    Forgive yourself. Breathe.
    And enjoy the ride--one of my favorite sayings of allll time

  18. love the buttons on the cardi!

  19. I just discovered your blog from a friend's Twitter. We used to go to middle school together! I've been flipping through your blog and I'm so glad I found it! I love your outfits and they inspire me in my own vintage-inspired fashion. I can't wait for future posts. Anyways, I'm not sure if you read/reply to comments, and I know this was many months ago, but WHERE did you get the cardigan with the cameo buttons? I literally gasped aloud when I saw it! Cameos are my signature accessory...I wear them everyday and I would just love to have that cardigan! I would love it if you post back to answer. Thanks again and I love your blog!

  20. so cute! where'd you get the cardi?