Thursday, March 25, 2010

mall vs. beach

winter to spring in an instant, I swear.
tomorrow is the last day of school and then I'm on break. finally!

no, I'm not going anywhere tropical, but I will be taking a trip to the mall one of these days. 
I think that's on the same level as a beach vacation, no?
okay, maybe not for some, but for me, yes.

spring break plans?
weekend plans?
what are you crazy kids up to?

I'll be back with a bigger post in the next few days.



  1. I love those outdoor shots... great to see the view from outside your home. I love your first dress. And I like the way you styled it. Have fun in the mall. xoxo

  2. CUTIE! love the outfit at the top <3 the outside of your house is absolutely stunning!
    hmmm -- sounds like a plan ;] i'm going to florida to visit my grammy! :] hehe. possibly some prom dress shopping!

  3. Can I please just have your clothes...??? PLEASE????? i know, i'm sooo excited for break!! Not even the fact that i'm going away, but just not having school is soooo greattttttt!! ENJOY!!!!!


  4. I can't get over your outfits, seriously. Have a lovely break (: -Kylee

  5. i love both these outfits SO much wow...gorgeous...the first one the blazer i love...and your boots love! and that top in the second outfit, i want ;)
    and YAY for break! have an amazing time off cutie!
    i am going to visit the college i will be at next year on Sunday and Monday :) and then Tuesday since its Passover i am going to my relatives for the day!!


  6. I so love your first look - it makes me think of an equestrian! You are truly too gorgeous for words, Emily!

    My weekend will consist of curling up with a good book - I just want to relax!! :)

  7. you have such gorgeous style. x

  8. Loving that second jacket. Your blog is great and you've got a great way of playing with different colours and patterns :)

  9. Cute outfits! I especially love the first one. :)

    Today I work all day and tomorrow I'm either relaxing/working on my course or, if I feel up to it, I may be visiting friends in Vancouver.

  10. beach > mall

    love the first outfit, em!