Friday, March 12, 2010

get naked

I felt like I needed to post.
so, here I am, posting.

I've posted pictures of my room before, but doing it again won't hurt anybody :)
the sun pouring in through my windows was enough to entice me.

My room is my haven, it's where I can escape.
When all else is lost, I always know that I have my little slice of heaven to come back to.

plus this is the place where I get naked.

not to worry, my lovely friends, I'm not talking about that kind of naked.  
I am talking more along the lines of being myself.
showing my true colors.
being real.

it's a place that I can have all to myself, alone, without any interference.
it is truly where I know myself the best and feel peace.
but is the girl that lives in this room the same girl that shows her face to the world?

sure, we all claim that the person we show to the world is our actual self, but how often do you do what YOU really WANT to do; speak what YOU really FEEL and not let others influence you?  Do you show who you actually are in the ways that you act, feel, believe, or speak when you are around other people, outside of your haven?

if you aren't really sure how to answer those last few questions, I think it's about time that you..

get down to your roots.
do your own thing.
believe in your individuality.

know who are and don't be afraid to show it.


on that note, I am doing what I WANT to do tonight; staying home, relaxing, and enjoying myself.  usually I'd be busy with various social extravaganzas, but that's not too much my scene right this minute...I've got blogs to catch up on ;)

now, question time..

1. What's your take on getting naked?  Are you afraid to show your true colors, or do you stick to yourself no matter what?

2. I've asked this before, but I'm going to ask it again -- What would you like to see more on my blog?  more fashion? food? daily life?  I appreciate each and every suggestion.

have a good one, bloggies!


  1. Oh girl. I adore your room.

  2. Your room is so pretty and peaceful looking. Switch? Haha..

    I think that I get naked pretty well (aha) but there are times when I hide myself instead of being who I really am. It's getting better but there's still a lot of myself standing in my way.

    As for what I would like to see more of, well, I think your daily life would be interesting. Or interesting/random/delicious foods that you eat/discover.

  3. Look at your haven! It;s so beautiful and you!

    In regards to "getting naked," I have found that it is hard for me to just be naked, even when I'm alone its hard for me to just be me!
    I too am doing what I want to do, I'm getting my haircut, going to a yoga class and getting a pedicure tomorrow. For me.

    I love your blog! I love your daily outfits. And I know that this is random, but that you for being grammatically correct in your posts, for not abbreviating words or using acronyms like "lol." This is incredibly relieving to see!

  4. Your room is gorgeous!
    I struggle with getting "naked" but I've gotten a ton better here lately. Great post, lovely! -Kylee

  5. I always love looking at your room... it has this very serene and peaceful atmosphere.

    About getting "naked"... I'm all for it. I have shown my true colors and I'm not scared or bothered by what other people think. It's liberating.

    I'd love to see more of fashion... since I am really a big fan of your style. xoxo

  6. wow, i think that room would make ANYONE happy ;] so beautiful && clean!! right up my alley, missy.
    i completely agree -- being in my room allows me to free myself from social limitations and show my true colors.
    thanks for the lovely comments on my blog lately darling <3 they mean so much to me!

  7. I LOVE your room!!! it kinda reminds me of my room.. haha. WIth the whole getting naked question.. the only place i'm really ever naked is RIGHT before I get in the shower. Idk why.. but i'm self conscious even when i'm alone! its redic.. like getting dressed for school in the morning, i'll keep my pj bottoms on while I change my top, and vise versa. Is that weird? haha idk.. and in regards to what I'd like to see on your blog, I really like your fashion!!! I LOVE clothes, and I always like seeing what outfits you've put together! You have such great style!

  8. Your room is so magical! I love it : )

  9. im glad you are staying in if that is what you truly want ot do! I used to think i "wanted" tos ta in but it was really my ed holding me back. I try my best to be myself because i've found that when i am, people like me more anyways!! funny thing, right? :)


  10. LOVE your room! Beautiful Audrey it:)

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  11. oh my god. i want your room. ahh

  12. I just wanted to say that your home decor and sense of house style is right up my alley..
    my fave stores are West Elm, Z Gallerie, and random finds...modern meets vintage, clean, pretty, a little anthropologie, alot of swanky and chic. Would love to decorate with you any time girl!

  13. oh audrey hedburn! how elegant.

    I LOVE being naked; not that i even have a body that come near perfect, but i just like being in my skin without all the materialist things that quote unquote defines you. :)

  14. First, can I please have your room? It truly is the most fabulous place on the planet - no joke!

    Second...I'm all about staying true to myself no matter what. Take me or leave me...I'm not going to change for anyone!

    All I want to see is more you! I adore you, Emily, and I love seeing you happy - plus I don't mind getting a glimpse into your amazing wardrobe!! :)