Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I finally bought the oxfords I've had my eye on.
Perfect for my challenge this week, eh?

Now moving on...
just out of curiosity, I decided to look up the meaning of something...

beautiful |ˈbyoōtəfəl|adjectivepleasing the senses or mind aesthetically, of a very high standard; excellent
This is the denotative meaning of the word beautiful.  Does this definition say anything about size?  NO.   It just goes to show how turned around views are of the term beautiful. This definition says nothing about there being limits on beauty.  It can be inside, outside, here, there, everywhere.  You are beautiful, we are beautiful, every single person is beautiful in some way, shape, or form.
so my question is: What does beautiful mean to you?
Before I leave you lovely people, I just wanted to let you know how incredibly amazing you all are.  Your support is so greatly appreciated each and every comment you send my way!


  1. Love your new oxfords... yes, perfect for the challenge and you're doing great Emily.

    Beautiful for me can be something pleasing to my eyes... a visual delight. And it can also mean something which cannot be seen but felt, as in inner beauty.

    You are beautiful both inside and out. xoxo

  2. AMEN girl!! beauty has nothing to do with size, it's about time we all remembered that! cute fit, as always

  3. Thank you SO much for this post.. I definitely needed to hear it tonight!

    What does beautiful mean to me? I think beauty is that feeling you get when you are in complete awe of something and can't even find the right words to express yourself :)


  4. I'll be honest, I sat here and contemplated what beauty meant to me for about 5 minutes, to no avail. Then it dawned on me. True, real, pure beauty is undefinable. It's a feeling, an emotion, something that touches your soul. You, my dear, are insanely beautiful :) xo

  5. denotative
    ^^nice use of your english word ;)
    as for beauty:
    to me beauty is strenght
    wisdom beyond your years
    wrinkles on a mother, a sign of a life well lived
    power in words and actions
    and a heart bigger than the sun

  6. Beauty is all about your outlook on life!

    Love your houndstooth skirt!

  7. Love that definition!
    My perception of beauty is found in simple and childish joys, the little objects and gestures that are, well, beautiful.
    Snow outside windows, the first flowers of spring,breakfast outside with a new library book. Hugs, kisses, and inspiring words.

    And lastly, beauty is in the baby steps towards finding onesself.


  8. such a stylish outfit :)

    i made a new dress! visit the post:)

  9. I don't think I could define beauty if I tried. It's like love. There is no definition for it and sometimes you find it in the most unexpected of places.

    Do your shoes happen to be Vans? If so, I've had my eye on them, too! Are they comfortable? -Kylee

  10. Love the outfit!

    For me beautiful is about the inside and outside. Being confident, shining, sparkling, enjoying life, caring for others and for yourself. That's beautiful...

    x Julia (taste of Living)

  11. I think that the happiness of life I see in others is beautiful. I also fink you are bootiful:)

  12. Honestly, I believe that the definition of beautiful is being happy. Because when you're happy, everything seems beautiful.

    And I love your oxfords. They remind me of the saddle shoes I had as a child. I kind of want a pair! :)

  13. aw hun this is a great great post! i am so glad you realize this- now just apply it to yourself! no matter what size, you are amazing.