Tuesday, February 2, 2010

make like a tree and branch out

sequin sneakers - $10 at Urban Outfitters!

I've received many sweet comments on my pictures.  Thank you all!  I do indeed take the pictures myself...with the help of my mom's DSLR camera.  Timer is my best friend, no lie.  I do need to invest in a tripod though, because I've been using a step ladder which isn't very practical in the middle of my room..

Anyways, another thing I'd like to address is an anonymous comment I received on my last post..

"I love the outfit, but you look so thin! I think you are beautiful, but your body would probobly take well to a few more pounds."

This comment didn't really irk or upset me, but I still think I should make it clear that I am still recovering from an eating disorder.  I am still in the depths of recovery, but I am making very good progress. While I'm not at my healthiest weight per say, I am out of the "danger zone".

I feel as though I haven't really touched base with you bloggies on the latest of my recovery.  Well, nothing big to inform you about, but I just wanted to update you from my T's standpoint.  I asked her yesterday out of curiosity, "where do you think I am in recovery?" and she said that I was "doing very well and making good progress" she also said that I have sort of implemented "my own recovery plan" in a way, with my blogging, hanging out with my friends, fashion, and everything in between.  I like the idea that my recovery is beyond food.  Beyond what many people claim this disease is all about. 

But on that note I have to admit, I'm in a bit of food rut.  I feel as though I am eating the same things over and over.  I see so many delicious concoctions on all the food blogs out there and my mouth waters, yet I   seem to lack the drive, ambition, or bravery to try them.  One thing I am not lacking, however, is the voice inside my head telling me to go back to my "safe" foods.  

all of you strong women and girls out there -
how do you find it within yourself to branch out?
what gives you that nudge that pushes you to go for it?

I think that's enough for one night :)
it's snowing cats and dogs out there!


  1. well, just because i can't help it, your pictures are awesome again :)

    and i'm so glad to hear you are doing so well in recovery...i still struggle with thinking about food a lot, i'm happy that you have so much other stuff going on that you enjoy!

    ♥ lindsey

  2. good for you for accepting that comment the way you did- you know, i agree with anon..u would look fantastic with more pounds, nad i have no doubt one day you will get there! u go girlie :)


  3. oh my goodness i am praying SO hard for a snow day; i'm not going to get my hopes up though. we just got a new superintendent and he is a moron hahaha. jeez, people are their comments on these blogs lol. i have yet to receive an anonymous blog but i'm sure the anonymity would irk me even if the comment itself did not.
    love your outfit and pictures!
    and i'm so proud of you for how much progress you are making in your recovery; it's so great to play such a strong roll in your own recovery--it makes it more personal and much easier to maintain the idea that you CAN do this your own way and stick with it.
    stay strong girlie
    love you!

  4. You are so inspiring in so many ways. I just found your blog and when ever I see your outfits, I think to myself, "Why didn't I wear that today?".
    In addition, you seem to being doing a great job recovering and even though I don't have an ED, I admire how well you deal with tough stuff .
    This all came out a little creeperish, and your probably like "who is this girl and why dose she want to be me?" Oh Well...

  5. it's good to know where you are in recovery, helps put things in perspective and mentally prep yourself for the work that lies ahead while recognizing how much you've done so far! love your title :)

  6. Getting out of the food rut will come with time. I find that when I'm in them, which seems to be most days now, that eventually the urge to try something new becomes so strong that I absolutely CAN'T ignore it. I think that in time, you'll get the urge. :)

    Cute outfit! It looks so comfy. I love comfy outfits. :)

  7. Emily, your photos are always gorgeous, you are always gorgeous and your personality is just... Gorgeous!
    I'm so glad to hear that the comment didn't get to you - you realize you're not "there" yet, but you're well on your way and you are keeping on track. I am so proud of you, for so many things - I can't sum it up in words!

    That voice in your head might never completely leave, but you have the strength to go against it and do what Emily wants to do. Recovery isn't all about food, you're completely right, and taking the focus off of food and onto things that make you happy is so important. But food is a key part in recovery, and although you're stuck in a bit of a food rut at the moment, it doesn't have to stay that way. We've got the power to overcome all hardships.

    I believe in you, I'm here to support you, and I love you!

    Eleanor x

  8. Hey lovie,
    I love the way you handled that comment. And I really like what your T said about your recovery. As far as branching out goes, I've found it really helpful to get the blogging community involved when it comes to challenging myself. It holds me accountable, and I get great suggestions from fellow bloggers. As you know, the breakfast challenge has been very helpful in my branching out. Give it a try perhaps!

    Love you girl.

  9. hey lovie,
    you handled that comment so well. i am really proud of the progress you have made, and that your T thinks you are doing well, i also like that your recovery has a lot more to do with just weight and food, i agree this disease is so much more than that...i often feel like i am in a food rut, i guess to branch out i just push myself, and make it a goal for the week to have something new...i get motivation from knowing that when i either face a food fear or have something new i always feel so proud, and like i am moving in the right direction..you can do it lovie :)
    love your outfit, you are gorgeous.

  10. girl you're amazing with the camere!! love the outfit, that's what i always end up wearing :)
    i'm in a bit a of a food rut myself, i think it helps to set goals for the weekend cause with the routine of the week it's a little more difficult to have the time to try something new.
    happy hump day! i'd say you're trucking along beautifully in recovery <3

  11. your honesty is so refreshing and wonderful, sweets. I think you handled this comment beautifully! We are all works in progress but it is so amazing watching you go stronger and more vibrant every day :)

  12. Never forget what your goals are and where you want to be. Thinking about and visualizing yourself in the future and how you want to be will help you continue taking steps to recovery. You have done so much and have improved sooo much already! Just keep it up and never never never give up! (I read that on your blog:) ) You are an amazing and truly special girl with such a bright future. Don't let anything stand in the way of your big dreams, go get it girl!

  13. ps, forget to mention that I LOVE THE SHOES!!!

  14. That was the perfect way to handle that comment from someone who probably didn't know your whole story. You express yourself with grace and sensitivity well beyond your years. Emily you have so many gifts....and so many shoes!
    Love, Aunt Maryann

  15. You look beautoful! I don't think people realize what they say sometimes, to be honest,,, ugh it is frustrating because I get similar comments, and although I am not battling an eating disorder, it can be hurtful or awkward to hear.

    But you handled it beautifully, Emily and You are such am amazing girl.... with AWESOME style, i might add :)

  16. You really have taken such large strides in your recovery, and it does not go unnoticed my dear!

    When it came to branching out, I'd always think of the BIG picture. I'd tell myself how sad it was that I was so frantic over such minor details, such as snacks and 'safe' foods.... it really is OK to break the rules.

    much love.

  17. Ah, your sequin sneakers are absolutely adorable, Emily!

    I think that by taking each day as it comes, you are forging ahead in terms of your recovery. Recovery doesn't happen overnight; but it is possible. You are proof of that!

    As for safe foods...I find that branching out in the world of eating is simplest for me when I'm out with a group of friends. You feel safe around your besties, and it makes you want to join in and try new things - food or otherwise!! :)

  18. Yay! Good for you Emily. I read that comment and thought that that person should have thought about what they said before saying it, but I guess they didn't know any better. Glad you handled it maturely.

    Anyway, your outfit is really cool for a slouch day. Infact, too stylish for a slouch day! Haha :)