Thursday, February 11, 2010

fat talk free

Hey loves!  I am back for a quick post emphasizing a great cause.
I finally got out of the house this afternoon to have lunch with the fam and then stopped by walmart to kill some time.  I picked up some magazines for my reading pleasure including the latest Seventeen.  In it was an article pertaining to EDs, which included a link to a website that attributed to a cause that stole my heart right a way -  Seeing as how Jenny did a post about fat talk recently, it seemed like the perfect idea to tell you all about this movement.

I encourage every single one of you to sign the Promise Form to end fat talk.

Oct. 18-22, 2010 is Fat Talk Free Week, and although ways away, it's never too early to start planning.  I foresee Fat Talk Free Events in my future, perhaps

This information was just too hard to keep away from the blog world, so I felt inspired to post.
Have a great Thursday and remember -- stay fat talk free!



  1. time for fat talk to end. <3

  2. that was seriously an amazing video, so so inspiring! thank you lovie for sharing that with us...its so true so many people struggle with EDs or just being judged by their body, it is horrible!...and yes "end fat talk"! ah loved that!
    you are amazing

  3. yeah i love this video <3

  4. Amen. I love this.
    Raising a daughter, it's imperative to me to raise her without fat talk around and to empower and inspire her. Lead by example. Thank you for this post Emily!

  5. i love the video! it's so important to not let others put down on themselves

  6. Ugh! I want to watch that video nooooow, but I'm at work and there's no sound which means I have to wait 2 1/2 hours. Blah.

    I'm with you about ending fat talk though. Fat talk needs to disappear! It's hurtful, destructive and pointless. Down with fat talk! I'm happy to say that my entire day today has been FAT TALK FREE. It feels amazing and so freeing. =)

  7. wow. speechless. THANK YOU Emily! It's girls like you who spread awareness and encourage others to love themselves that make the world a brighter place. Love you!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this!! Fat talk NEEDS to end! I signed the form and I'm def forwarding this to all my friends.

    ~ Catherine

  9. Love this!! People need to love themselves and stop always talking about fat!!

  10. this reminded me so much of advan conspiracy (which is AMAZING)

    so i love it <3

  11. loved your last post, do what you need to do! i struggle sometimes with feeling obligated to post at a certain time, every day, or commenting when i'd rather do something else, but i've realized thta LIFE comes before blogging! great stuff about fat talk, i hear endless amounts of it everywhere i go and this is refreshing!

  12. That's an awesome website! I read that issue and must have missed that part. Seventeen is so my guilty pleasure. I'm convinced I'll still be reading it every month when I'm 25. -Kylee

  13. I will definitely be signing up. Thanks for sharing this sweetie. xoxo

  14. I just read this piece in Seventeen myself, as well. I'll admit, the stories made me cry a bit - I could relate to them so well. The idea of a Fat Talk Free Week is such a fabulous idea!! :)

  15. interesting. i'm going to go read more about it!

    Patty Ann
    AlphaBetaChic Blog