Monday, February 1, 2010

emily vs. boredom

she woke up to snow falling from the heavens.
stuck inside, with boredom staring her in the face, she deemed "winter formal" an appropriate title.
off she went, slipping into her dress and heels.
such an occasion required a camera at hand, of course.
and not to mention, the crazy "what the crap are you doing" looks from her sister.
but boredom never wins >:)

Okay, winter formal is two weeks away, but seriously -- I couldn't resist, I had to try everything on.  Did I mention that I scored the dress for $20 at Marshall's?  My mom has taught me well with her bargain hunting ways :)  Seriously, she almost named my brother TJ or Maxx.

While boredom took over my Saturday, today I've got tons of things to do...
that may or may not be a whole magazine dedicated to a vampire I know.  don't judge.
Yes, very very busy indeed.

So tell me.
What are you favorite bargain stores?
How do you cure the boredom itch?

I'm off today, as it is a teacher work day, making me a very happy girl!
hope you have a wonderful Monday :)


  1. If this is how bored looks like, I want to be bored forever. You look so awesome Emily.

  2. hahahah i wish my mom had named my bros tj and maxx, that would have been awesome! enjoy yor day off, hope you find lots of fun ways like this to stave off boredom :)

  3. LOVE the dress. so adorable. looks great with the tights too. favorite bargain spots: tj maxx, thrift stores, vintage shops, etc.

  4. such wonderful attire!!
    my favorite has to be nordstrom rack its the best :)
    hm to cure boredom--reading at starbucks, works every time!
    happy monday!

  5. haha thats definatly how I cure boredom<3
    love you

    I go to be assessed for IP/ or OP tomorrow morning..
    wish me luck??


  6. LOVE a good bargain.
    I also adore trying clothes on, painting my face with ridiculous makeup... and blogging... ;)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the day
    bec xo

  7. I can't believe you take your own pictures -- I can't imagine the kind of beauty you can capture BEHIND the camera. Wow!

  8. omgomgomg SO cute!! ahhh. i love you :]
    and marshalls is love :] but target is definitely the love of my life <3

  9. dude, i love tj maxx. i swear all of my clothes are from there :)

    and when i'm bored, i blog read of course haha. i'm becomming addicted, not good.

    ♥ lindsey

  10. I love these photos especially the first one!! What kind of camera do you use? I wanna buy a new one and your seems divine!

    Oh and I love Marshall's too :)

  11. I love the outfit, but you look so thin! I think you are beautiful, but your body would probobly take well to a few more pounds.

  12. Urgh, I've been bored stiff myself lately. But I don't read Twilight to cure it :p I guess It depends how I'm feeling whether or not I can cure it. Sometimes even hobbies you get sick of doing.

    I'm loving your stockings. I know a friend who would go MAD for them!

    Looking gorgeous as usual (don't listen to that Anonymous person.. wth!)

  13. I'm in love with both your tights and that dress! Emily you are going to be the belle of the!!

    My favorite bargain store will forever be Forever 21 - I want to live there!! :)

  14. target $1 dollar bins = great stuff for a buck :)
    Boredom? Never happens! Wife, mother, worker, yoga teacher, blogger, you name it, i wish i could be bored again. The older you get, the less you will ever be bored and you will LONG for it! the times where no one needs you...expects something from you...enjoy it! xoxox

  15. i love the first shot <3

    & we have the same computer!:D

  16. You are soo gorgeous!
    I love your photos and your outfit

  17. dress and tight IS SO SEXY!!<3

    loving youblog!

  18. cuuute outfits!! love itt

  19. Oh I really like the way you photo youtself and the clothes, it looks artistic

  20. Smexy! You look amazing and will be rocking that winter formal! Although.. it's getting a little late for a "winter" anything isn't it?

    I never cure the boredom itch. It lingers and lingers until I somehow forget about it or spend all day saying how bored I am. :)