Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend triumphs


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Mine was very eventful - friday night I went a basketball game, ihop, then slept over at my friends house.  Saturday I spent most of the day at my friends house and then went over to another friends house for a couple hours.  Today I worked and had dinner with my best gfran and now I'm here.

I am super proud of myself because I have managed to not freak out these past few days in regards to food.  Friday night going to ihop was really nerve racking, but I went, ate an omelet, and loved every bite of it.  The even harder part was waking up Saturday morning to donuts.  They were too good looking to resist, so why try?  Then what do you know, my friend's dad brings popeyes home for lunch.  ED had a complete fit, but Emily ate fried chicken.  Because she LOVES fried chicken.   And to top it all off, that night my parents wanted to go out to dinner.  We go to a pizza place and although I was hesitant, I ate pizza.  While these things are obviously not the healthiest, I didn't overindulge, I ate what I wanted, and I felt perfectly fine.  Now, am I saying that I'll eat like this from now on? Well, no, because a. I rarely eat these kinds of foods and b. its not healthy.  But I didn't die, I didn't gain 300 pounds, and I didn't lose my mind.  And most importantly - I'm one step closer to being ED free.

Now being that this week is the forever feared EXAM WEEK, I might be skimping a little in the posting department.  Please know I'll be reading your blogs to the best of my ability, but commenting will most likely be limited :(

I love you all!

Sweet dreams.


    You should take a bow. Major kudos for the ED-butt kicking this weekend. Good luck with the exams!

  2. YES! YES! This is a great step in recovery! You know rationally that you did not gain weight over one day of eating beyond what ED tells you to eat. You are doing great and good luck with exams!

  3. what huge accomplishments! congrats darling! you should be sooo proud of yourself. good luck with your exams and i hope the rest of your week is as amazing as your weekend was :]
    love you!

  4. congratulations. girl you rock. period. i don't think there's any more i can say.
    love you!!
    good luck with exams :)

  5. Wooooo! Way to go Emily! :D I'm so proud of you for eating the foods that you wanted to eat even though they may not have been the healthiest and ED didn't want them. Then again, what ED doesn't want usually means you SHOULD want it.

  6. lol, you didn't die or gain 300 pounds. amazing how things work out like that! i'm so glad that you went for the fried chicken because YOU wanted to!

  7. I don't know you, but I'm really proud of you! I think you are doing an amazing job handling everything - particularly because you admitted you had a problem - so many people never admit this. Their fears are that they'll get judged for it. So good for you!

    And thank you so much for letting me draw you. You really are gorgeous, very much the "muse" kind. It must be the hair and the smile :)
    When I eventually get round to finishing it I'll definitely send you it!

  8. Emily!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for going with the flow! You are amazing! Teach me your ways! lol

    Glad you had a great weekend, good luck with exams!

  9. I love you for being so brave, Emily, and ignoring the aggravating nagging of ED - you're such a strong person! Good luck with your exams!! :)

  10. love you sugar!!! i am SO SO proud of you <3 :D this post made me so happy!