Tuesday, January 26, 2010

want some tips?

Tip #1:  There absolutely nothing wrong with dressing for comfort.

Tip #2:  When you are feeling a little frustrated, blogging therapy always helps.

Tip #3: Never let blogging therapy interrupt a studying attempt.

Tip #4: Want a blast from the past?  Turn your ipod on shuffle.  Some songs may shock you, excite you, or just transport you to another time in your life.

Tip #5: Do little things that make your heart and soul smile.

Alright, my dear friends.
Have a wonderful night!
I'm off to study s'more...


  1. Tip 4 - one I always go by haha.

    Good luck with the studying!

    Oh, and here's a quote you may like; although you may have heard it before:

    "For beautiful lips, speak words of kindness. For beautiful eyes, seek out the good in people"


  2. ah blogging therapy never fails to brighten up my day :) Your too cute!

  3. I love dressing for comfort!

    Blogging therapy = my life.

  4. dressing for comfort, story of my life. i've been living in yoga pants. no shame.
    blog therapy :)
    happy tuesday!!

  5. Great tips Emily... I always find time to do stuff that makes me smile and blogging is definitely one of them.

  6. Agreed!! Blogging therapy is the cure for all :D oxx

  7. YESSS -- so true.
    goodnight beautiful girlie :] love you!

  8. i loveeeeeeee the shuffle idea for the ipod. must give that one a try. if only i had my ipod from middle school...:)

    ♥ lindsey

  9. whoopsie, i'm violating #3 right now lol! love your comfy outfit, cute as always!

  10. hey ems. those are some really good tips :) btw, i hate studying so im procrastinating by studying..but i think im gonna get right on that :)
    cute blog girl <3

  11. The only way I listen to my iPod is on Shuffle - so much fun!! :)

  12. Some of the pics aren't showing up. :(

    But anyways, I love putting my Ipod on shuffle. It's actually the only thing I ever have it on and I get anxious whenever someone tries to make me just pick a song. Randomness completes me.

    There's definitely nothing wrong with dressing for comfort.. it's how I dress most of the time. :3

  13. you are just so pretty!!

    & i love your "tips". isn't listening to "old songs" the craziest thing ?! totally transports you. its sometimes good & sometimes bad, haha

    studying/blogs, studying/blogs... i really should be doing history homework now ;p

    hope you have a great day emillyyyy!

  14. those tips are the story of my life..
    and I used acrylic paint :)
    You are stunning!