Wednesday, January 20, 2010

point proven

It doesn't need to be a dreary, rainy day in order to wear a trench and rain boots.  All you need is an excuse to want to wear something totally adorable.  And being not one single drop of water fell from the sky today, I have proven my point :)

I also have proven that I can be very unproductive.  Seeming as how I had planned to get down to the nitty gritty and study, but I've had quite the lack of motivation and focus.  Plus, I had much needed tv to catch up on..Desperate Housewives and Grey's, anyone?  I think so.

Before I leave you, here are some questions to ponder...

 How do you get down to business and study?  What helps you?

What is your favorite weather ensemble?  Are you a snow bunny who likes to bundle up, a puddle jumper sporting a coat and boots, or do you prefer warm days when a sun dress is appropriate?



  1. I am the queen of productivity.. trash tv and google reader always get the best of me. In fact, right now I def. should be reading some of my british lit book. Ah well :)

  2. life goes on, right? :)

    ♥ lindsey

  3. hey love! ah love the rain gear, i need to get smarter about the rain it always takes me by surprise, ha
    when it comes to actually studying i have to get off the internet, its the only way. such a bummer.
    plus housewives + greys = way more important

    generally, a rule of thumb is to remove distractions, aka computer and tv.

    and my fav thing to wear is big sweaters, boots, and leggings :] super comfy yet stylish with a few accessories! :]
    have an awesome night sweetie pie!

  5. Study? What is that? I'm not kidding either.. I was not a fan of studying in high school. :X But as soon as I begin my RHN Program I'll be starting. Maybe then I'll have some advice for you. ;)

    I love warm, sunny weather that allows me to wear skirts and pretty summer dresses. :D

    PS. I love your boots!!!!

  6. such a cute rainy day get up, i could have used that outfit today!!! i'm a fan of every category of ensemble, that's why i'm so happy every season change, you get to wear a whole new set of clothes!

  7. Love that jacket!
    I don't have a TV in my dorm room, so when I have to do homework I put in a movie i've seen a million times to keep me off the internet!

  8. I like happy sunny days best, maybe because i am lazy and pulling on a dress is way easier than layering

    P.S you are adorable

  9. if I could live in a sundress. I so would..
    i hate rain. and cold.

    so in the rain.. i dress warm AND weather proof.

  10. Love the rain attire!

    My favorite weather ensemble: my peacoat with a big chunky scarf

  11. ah i love the rain boots! so cute :)
    love my snow boots and parka coat !
    & as far as getting down to businesss- yeah i struggle with that- i.e. blogs=distraction

  12. Ohmigosh you are the cutest thing ever in these pictures! As for me...I am a puddle jumper through and through and I adore it!

    Oh, I am the queen of getting down to business - I typically barricade myself and refuse to talk to anyone until I've completed the task at hand!! :)

  13. You are so adorable Emily... I want that green raincoat and your rain boots too.

    I'm a puddle jumper. Although I don't have the appropriate rain gear but I manage. Hahaha!

    What do I do if I need to finish something? I have this serious look. I've perfected it so if anybody sees me sporting my serious face, they know I mean business.

  14. Cute jacket! I love that color green its my fav :)