Thursday, January 28, 2010

pardon my absence

I'll be the first to admit it,
I've been a bad blogger.
I thought exams wouldn't have taken this much of a toll on my commenting and my post quality, but I was wrong.  

On the other hand, I can give two fabulous reasons for part of my absence -- my two best friends.
if there is one thing that will forever and always come first, it's them. 

we are kinda like this, but not really

I spent the entire day yesterday, minus the two hours spent at school taking my spanish exam, with them.  We, for lack of a better word, loitered around town all day.  It's something I really needed.  Something that let me clear my head a bit. 

Best part?
letting go
and having fun

Best triumph?
three meals -- one including blueberry pancakes.
pancakes are a food that I don't have very often, thanks to an evil guy I know, 
but yesterday was a different story.

Alright, so yesterday was also a very comfy day, 
so I chose not to photograph my look.
However, I did today!

Have a marvelous Thursday night!


  1. Looking stylish girlie :)

    And so great you could enjoy the pancakes, I had a pancake breakfast with friends last weekend, and I kept thinking, "what was I ever afraid of?" It was one of the best mornings I have had in a while. Good friends, and good food, can't go wrong with that.

  2. WOW, I love this outfit Emily... the last one without the cardigan is a winner in my books. The orange cardigan works well too, but you know my obsession with black and gray right?

  3. loitering around town is one of my favorite things to do. i'm glad your best friends were there to galavant with you :) (and its really good i'm alone right now cause i just burst out laughing at that tiger picture haha)
    love the look beautiful!!
    blueberry pancakes :) you rock rock rock.

  4. so adorable! ahhh i love you so much :] i'm sorry exams have been taking a toll on you but no need to apologize! this bloggie is for you; we just benefit :] haha.
    and yummyyy blueberry pancakes :]

  5. you look amazing and hopefully the exams went well :)

  6. you have no idea how happy you make me sweetie :) looking fabulous as always!

  7. OMGOSH! Pancakes are so yummie sometimes! I'm so happy you let yourself have them! Your body needs yummie foods and happy days like you had! Good luck with the rest of your exams! And you go girl!!

  8. so glad that you hung out with your friends, good luck with your tests! and don't feel like a "bad" blogger, life is more important than blogging!

  9. LOVE how you were able to let go and live. Yay for pancakes!

  10. Cute, cute, cuuute.

    And that's so great that you were able to just let go and enjoy life. You were living and I bet it felt pretty fantastic!

    No apologies for bad blogger. I'm almost always a bad blogger. =D It's how I roll and it's cool.

  11. Loitering around town = love! I'm so glad you had a fabulous time with your friends - and indulged inblueberry pancakes!

    You look gorgeous as always - the color of your skirt is heaven!! :)