Tuesday, January 12, 2010

master of disguise

My sister's black cardigan with gold ball embellishment. 
We have a rule when sharing clothes -- always give each other credit.
If someone says, "oh I like that sweater!" my response must be "thanks, it's my sister's.."

sisterhood *sigh*

Anyways.  I hope you had a fantastic Tuesday.  January 12th -- how'd it get here so fast?

After lunch today, I was about done.  I was tired and bored and wanted to go home more than anything. Good thing tomorrow is my easier class load! :)

So, I've mentioned before that I had been in an art rut.  Well, frankly, I believe that was ED telling me I was in an art rut. Yes, that stinker is at it again.  He's guilting me into thinking that because I was skinnier and better at my ED last year, my art work was better.

I have two things to say to this.  One -- last year I had absolutely ZERO of a life and didn't do anything else besides school and ED, no wonder I had so much time to draw.  Two -- SCREW YOU ED!  My artwork is always good!  It's amazing how deceiving my own thoughts can be.  I thought the truth was that my art was better last year than it is this year, but in reality, it's just ED disguising himself once again. 

Lesson of the day...
Think things through, understand your thoughts.  You could be skimming over some undetected lie that seems like the actual truth!

Well that's about it for tonight.  I hear my yoga mat calling me!

Sweet dreams :)


  1. well i love your sister's cardigan :)
    girl you're so smart, and strong. you're right, your artwork always rocks. always.
    i'm going to be practicing my thinking things through, thanks dear!

  2. love that cardi! i have an obsession with embellished cardigans <3 so cute! and you are so strong baby. your words are such an inspiration and so true. ED is a jerk. we should all gang up on him and punch him in the face ;]
    love always,

  3. ahh i love it emily! ED will always try to entice you back in, but stayy strong! i'd love to see some of your art sometime :)

    ♥ lindsey

  4. 1. You rock your sister's sweater. hands down, fantastic.
    2. I'd LOVE to see your artwork. I just know you are extremely talented :)


  6. i wish i had a sister to steal clothes from! though my mom dresses cool, so sometimes i borrow hers ;) cute outfit!

  7. Sometimes when we get wound up in our lives we forget about the things that make us truly happy, like making art.
    I'm glad you found the source of your rut and decided to kick it to the curb!

  8. haha me and my sister share clothes, its fun but can def cause fights! keep fighting ed :)

  9. "I hear my yoga mat calling me!"--i hope you had a wonderful practice. namaste my friend!

  10. Well... then, I like your sisters cardigan :D Though, it was your choice to pull this particular one out so doesn't your sister feel some of the credit should be shared :) hehe

  11. I wish I had a sis to share clothes with!

    Good job telling ED who's the boss. Your artwork is always good, especially without him sitting on your shoulder!

    Stay strong! Love the life lesson and love you!

  12. love your outfit, you are stunning! :) and love your lesson, so true and such a great thought, very inspiring to me lovie! :)


  13. Hi!

    Your *sister's* cardigan is soooo pretty :)

    And hell ya, your artwork is ALWAYS THA BOMB!


  14. love the cardi! Esp the last photo where is sparkles!

  15. First of all, I'm obsessed with your cardigan and your boots - your style is truly gorgeous, Emily! I can never resist it!

    Second...hooray for you telling ED off! You are amazing no matter what - ignore everything that ED tries to tell you; it's not true, plain and simple!! :)

  16. I love that rule! though whenever someone compliments something I'm wearing that may be my sister's.. I am always tempted to jsut let them think it's mine. te he he.

    ED is such a drag. Keep showing him who's boss, girl!! xo

  17. love your outfit(: gorgeous! people always seem to compliment when im wearing my sisters stuff... im always just like umm thanks...its umm... my sisters! very hesitant ahaha(: good job on telling off ed! he stinks. have an awesome wednesday night- xoxo soph