Tuesday, January 19, 2010


life is too short not to wear what you want to wear. 
So wear it!

I love clothes, so much so that I deem them part of my recovery process. 
Everything that has happened this school year has in some way or another helped me.

1. blogging
2. family
3. friends
4. fashion

Some might say that food and doctors are all I need. 
 But the truth is, that is only a fraction of what really goes into it.
It's my Recovery Stew.
What are your ingredients?

Speaking of ingredients...

All these goodies, courtesy of Merit to the Carrot, will come in handy in future kitchen catastrophes experiments!  Just kidding..I'm not that bad of a cook.  I just need a little more, shall I say, experience..
I'm really excited to try the bars, though.  The 18 Rabbit Bar is calling my name.

Looks like I need to hit the books for a little while.  
Exams are next week.  I like the fact that I get out of school at 1, but I'm dreading the actual exam part.
Who knows, maybe it won't be that bad.

Take care bloggies!  Have a wonderful Tuesday night :)


  1. great fashion shots! and i love the care box: agave, 18 Rabbits, granola...you go girl, nice treats in the mail! xoox

  2. you rock those looks, honey. I love how bold you are!

  3. what a great package from sam!

    love the cheetah print!

    you are beautiful!

  4. Emily, your smile is so contagious. I love your skirt... you look so fab.

  5. what a great package, lucky girl!! great outfit :)

  6. 1. You, and only you, could rock that outfit. and I truly mean ROCK.
    2. SO happy to see that the goodies made it to you in top shape :)
    I hope you enjoy them! The 18 rabbits bars are insanity. So so good.

  7. you're rockin those outfits and have such a gorgeous smile!

  8. awesome looking package!! YUM!

    you totz rock the fashion girl. LOVE YOU

  9. omg if only i had the courage to wear stuff like that to school. i have actually become much more experimental with my outfits lately and not gonna lie, i feel SO much better about myself when I like my outfit. i definitely think it can be a great help in recovery :]

    oh, and have i ever mentioned how much i ADORE your hair?! SO BEAUTIUFL

    hmm...my ingredients are probably
    1. Nut butters
    2. Courage
    3. Food in general
    4. Blogging & the bloggie community of course!
    5. Therapy
    6. Family and friends

  10. good luck on your exams girl! i have my last one tomorrow, but i don't have to go back to school until the 27th :)

    ♥ lindsey


  12. You look Amazing with a capital A.

    i love your quote "life is too short not to wear what you want to wear.
    So wear it!" i think i may have to embrace that.

  13. wow, those photos are so amazing, you are stunning and i love the shots!

    life is too short not to wear what you want to wear.
    So wear it!
    ^^^ love that! snd soo true!

    whooa major yummiiis ;) that trader joes granola is so good! :)


  14. you look GORGEOUS!
    hope youre doing well darling, thinking of you. and good luck with exams!<3

  15. Oh gawsh. You've got these snazzy clothes pics. It makes me wonder why I wore these lame corduroys today.

  16. Emily your style shots have been so A-MA-ZING lately. Truly something straight out of a magazine. Methinks you need to be a professional model!! :)

  17. You do indeed look AMAZING!! I wish I had been even close to that fashionable in HS (and about half of college, too!) I worried so much back then about buying clothes that prominently displayed brand names--now I actively search for clothes that don't have them! I, too, think that fashion is a huge part of recovery because, as my denim project addresses, you can't be yourself unless you feel good in what you're wearing. I'm eagerly awaiting getting a job so I can buy a whole new wardrobe for myself (yeah..that sounds selfish, I know!)

    Here are my ingredients:

    1. Love: family love, fiance love, blogger love, etc.
    2. Clothes that make me feel sexy and empowered!
    3. Reading/writing, especially inspiring things
    4. Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds. so delicious :)


  18. Fahion is definately a creative theraputic outlet. You look great.

    Good luck with the exams!