Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello 2010, goodbye 2009.


Excuse my MIA-ness.  I’ve been such a social butterfly the last couple days!

I spent my New Year’s Eve with some of my closest friends.  It was somewhat of a quiet night, but I had a blast.  Then, to spend the first day of 2010, we went ice skating!  There is something way better about ice skating outdoors vs. indoors…

You know me, a pro figure skater.

Then I proceeded to go to another party last night with my sister…

9-6 002

9-6 006

And now I’m one tired girl. 

Thank goodness ED didn’t get the best of me these last couple days.  While,yes, he had me worried sick in some moments – he didn’t steal the fun away from me.  I actually LIVED in the moment, instead of planning everything out. 

I hope your first day of the New Year was good!  You all deserve nothing less than that – purely the best.

I need to get cracking on the school work – Monday is NOT going to be fun.  I’ll have another post up tomorrow, a more extensive one most likely.  Have a great day :)


  1. sounds like you had a lovely start to the new years! glad ED didn't ruin it for you.
    love your style btw!

  2. i looooove outdoor ice skating! you look gorgeous in your cold weather gear :)

    glad you've been able to enjoy the happy moments you've been having, ED free. keep up the good work my lovely!


  3. oh sweetie never apologize for being a social butterfly.. blogging always takes a back seat to LIVING!! you are amazing :)

  4. Sooooo glad to hear that ED didn't interfere with your New years.. I'm happy to say that he didn't quite bother me either! I just LIVED. Doesn't it feel sensational???
    You are stunning!

  5. ah ice skating!! its been ages since i've stepped on the ice, probably for good reason since i always find myself on my bottom :)
    so glad to hear you've been living it up, its a great way to Ed in the face!!
    happy saturday!

  6. LOVE your outfits!
    You are doing so well my love!
    love you <3 xo heres to LIVING LIFE

  7. That's great Emily, live for the moment. I guess that's the best way so as not to stress yourself with ED. Happy new year sweetie.

  8. No need to apologize... It's fabulous that you've been out partying it up and showing off your mad ice skating skills!


  9. happy 2010, you social butterfly you :)

  10. Hi!

    I don't want Monday to come either! Ugh...

    I love your pose in the last pic- I do this often :p


  11. Ice skating outside DOES look so much more fun than skating inside.

    That's great that you didn't let your ED get in the way of just LIVING. I think that this is probably one of the best ways to start off 2010 - pushing past ED. :)

  12. Girl! You are so pretty! I really think that I recognize where you went skating, is it in Reston Virginia? I'm not trying to be a creep!
    Happy 2010!!

  13. GOOD for you girl for LIVING YouR LIFE!!
    you deserve it!!
    im so proud of you!
    you are abs adorable

  14. sounds like you're starting 2010 off fabulously! spending new year's with your closest friends = awesome. so proud of you for being a social butterfly :) and you're right, outdoor skating is way better than indoor!

  15. There is nothing I love more right now than that photograph of you ice skating - tres adorable!

    Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)

  16. Happy New Year Emily!

    First off, your your outfit be ANY cuter!? I think not!
    Second, I am SO happy to hear that you went out and enjoyed yourself for new years! There is no room for ED in the holidays (.. or any say for that matter) and I am so proud of you for not letting him affect your decisions or your mood.

    Stay strong and positively gorgeous girl!

  17. I love your outfit :) That cardigan is too cute!

  18. aww girlie I am SO glad to hear that you've been living your life and having fun while doing so!! keep it up :)
    happy 2010!