Friday, December 11, 2009

where are you Christmas?

Good morning everyone :)

I’m just squeezin’ in this post, because I haven’t gotten to do a normal post in a while due to the giveaway stuff. 

This week has been a drag, but that’s exactly what I expected – considering Christmas break is just around the corner.  Can it just get here already?  I am anxious, tired, and bored during school and can’t stand to stay any longer!!  Seriously – I could’ve taken a good nap in at least three of my classes yesterday. 

The ED stuff has been pretty okay for the most part this week.  My therapist is all on my case for “body checking”, something I do consecutively throughout the day.  While I understand that it is destructive to my well being, ED does NOT want me to stop.  I told her I would try not to do it so much, but going cold turkey is not that easy.  Do you all have problems with “body checking”?  If you do, how do you prevent doing it?

Just some quick little thoughts before I head off to school.  Thank god it’s Friday, otherwise I don’t know if I would have been able to survive!   I’m working tonight – so the 11th day will be posted up later.

Have a marvelous Friday my loves :)  Don’t let the butt shivers of Christmas get to you like it’s getting to me!


  1. I'm guilty of body checking too. How do I prevent myself from doing it? I get busy that I have no time to look at myself in the mirror.

    Have a great weekend Emily!

  2. sometimes i feel like there are just so many mirrors around me that they are just begging me to look. only way i know how to prevent it is to get rid of the mirrors...
    if only this week would end all ready. then through next thursday too. less than a week now i suppose.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend dear!

  3. Body checking...sadly, I do this all the time. Honestly, I don't even know how to stop. The one time I'm not conscious of it is when I'm like super busy. But when I'm stressed out, I do it constantly. I say keep yourself occupied and stimulated to stop the urge of wanting to body check! :/

  4. Hey girl! I hear ya, it's so close, yet so far! no fun!

    Btw, lovin the looks of your latest addition to the giveaway...I can always use some more road tunes for Wednesday! :D haha

  5. I here ya sister. I actually did fall asleep in math today :)

    Body checking still haunts me everyday. I always feel around, pinching, poking, grabbing... I HATE IT! It's actually worse for me without mirrors, because I picture myself entirely different from what mirrors will show me. My advice- love yourself, and look at your face, into your eyes when you're standing in front of a mirror. Look at your beautiful face and forget the rest :)

  6. avoid looking at yourself in the mirror for more than 10 seconds! I used to STARE at myself until I could find something wrong with each and every aspect of my body. It's torture! and every time you feel the urge to "pinch" or "grab" try to refocus your thoughts and become in tune with how you FEEL!

    love you babe <3 stay strong!

  7. Ahh body checking. This is something that haunts so many of my spare moments, which is partly why I try to keep myself so busy. My therapist tells me that the only way I'll get better is to avoid mirrors and temporarily disassociate my mind from my body. But its so much easier said than done :(

    Keep going my lovie, you are doing such a great job <3

    Oh and btw, as each day passes I fall more and more in love with your giveaway!

    Lots of love
    Hannah XO.