Tuesday, December 15, 2009

upside, downside

Hello, how is everyone’s Tuesday going?

Mine is pretty swell, despite some downfalls here and there.


one less day until Christmas break!



loads of tests, quizzes, and projects *stress* (why do teachers always do this?)20090224151939


I have an empty PB jar that I can’t wait to use to make my first ever oats in a jar :)
not my intent - but a good idea…no?


I’m all outta pumpkin butter – blasphemy!



I have good grades so far!


I’m in an art rut and feel as though my work isn’t up to par.  It’s the perfectionist in me again.



I always have a look to share with you all

9-6 002

white v-neck tee
h&m denim vest
skinny jeans
leopard flats


I tore apart my room and closet trying to figure it out – what else is new?


I can come home, get on the computer, and have tons of blog posts and wonderful comments to read – because you guys are AMAZING.


definitely no downside this time :)

I hope there has been many upsides to your day.

Sweet dreams!


  1. You have a habit of making me smile.

    I do hope your upsides outweigh your downsides, because being happy is much preferred to being on a downer!

    Upside: Your posts are so sweet.
    Downside: There simply aren't enough words to express my sheer delight in reading your posts.

    Eleanor. xo

  2. upside: i only have one exam left.
    downside: it's not until thursday night.
    love the outfit! so classic :)
    only a few more days!!!
    hope you have a wonderful night!

  3. ughh! i feel the same way about school!! allllllmost done :)

  4. Love these upsides and downsides plus all the fabulous photos you posted. I never get tired of reading your posts... they are never boring. You have a way of making your posts interesting.

  5. I hear ya about school stress. I have a huge Human Bio test tomorrow on Blood. Exciting. I was just recently in my own art rut, and it was horrible!! I think I'm coming out of it though with another portrait...

    Have a lovely evening Emily<3

  6. i totally hear you on the stressful week before break...i don't know why teachers insist on cramming every little test, quiz, and project into the last week! so frustrating...i JUST finished a calculus project and it's almost midnight.

    upside? i just had my first oats in a jar and they were ALL THEY WERE CRACKED UP TO BE :) delicious!

    have a wonderful week!

    ♥ lindsey

  7. what a sweet and positive post!
    upside? i had OIAJ this am and got a package of PB!!

  8. Thank goodness you're almost on winter break!

    I am also in a bit of an art rut, but you know what, we will find inspiration where we least expect it, and create something amazing. I know it. It may take a little time, but it'll come.

    Love your denim outfit. So cute!

    Have a great day, keep smiling!

  9. Love your vest hun!

    Sorry for the short and lame comment, but I got to go to school!

    Have a happy day!

  10. You are adorable-- this post made me smile and remember all the upsides I have going for me:)

    Have a great day at school miss rock star
    bec xo

  11. To every upside there is most definitely a downside. My upside is reading all of your fabulous posts - love you, your wardrobe, and your thoughts, Emily...they get me through the day!!! :)

  12. I love the theme of the post -- you are just too cute!

    I hate how the teachers attempt to cram everything in to one short week because they realize that they're running out of time. Not cool. Not cool at all!

    keep smiling you pretty thing you!

  13. Love the post =) .. and the outfit!

    I was feeling so much stress about upcoming tests and stuff too.. and mine arn't even exams! It feels amazing when its all over so hang in there!

  14. love this post! you are so cute, and i love that outfit. oh and the photo of the doggie is adorable! thoough i think your idea of how to end the jar of PB is slightly better.. ;)

    lots of love <3

    Hannah xo