Friday, December 4, 2009

The Twelve Posts of Christmas: Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas Emily gave to thee…
9-6 004

…a bag of tootsie pops!

three soaps from Lavender Moon Soap Company!
in three wonderful scents - Milk & Honey, Willow, and Baby

a 44 yard roll of sparkly, silver ribbon!

and a jar of Stonewall Kitchen’s pumpkin butter!

Watch the list grow and grow :)  And make all of these goodies yours…


  1. can i please please win? oh dear...i'm to the point of begging!

  2. I love tootsie pops... it's my 4th day here already. I can smell my win. Hahaha!

  3. and another thing i have never tried due to my Australiansness.

  4. so fun! tootsies are delish. I hope I win! (i think i entered.. lol ?)

  5. ooooh I am getting excited!

    I havn't had a tootsie pop in centuries lol.

  6. whenever I think of tootsie's I always think of those commercials.. "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a toosie pop".. I tried to count so many times but could never resist the urge to bite them!

  7. I LOVE tootsie Pops! great giveaway! I also added you to my blogroll :)

  8. haha...i ALWAYS have a bag of tootsie roll pops in my house! they are actually getting low, so i'd love to replenish them! :)