Monday, December 28, 2009


Hey friends!

I am currently surrounded in the disaster I’d like to call my room.  Christmas has really done a number on it, let’s just say that.  I’m about ready clean this place up – I can’t take mess for more than a day or two.

Today I did some gift returns and in the process managed to scoop up a really nifty yoga mat!

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my first mat :)  Gotta love Marshall’s – can’t beat those prices.

Now I’m officially ready to become a yogi.

What type of exercise do you prefer – yoga, running, weight lifting, pilates…you name it?

Alright, so I need some girl advice.  If you all would be so kind to tell of your best facial remedies, hair treatments, and skin care.  Looks like I need a little TLC – my skin care regimen isn’t going so well and winter is getting to my skin.  Not to mention I need something to revive my locks.  Help a girl out!

this’ll be a short and sweet post, as I am not really in the mood to sit on the computer any longer.  I hear my yoga mat calling me, and…well…my room, too :)

Sweet dreams!


  1. aw you will make such a wonderful little yogini :) may i recommend to you? I swear by it!!

    I adore organix coconut milk shampoo -- makes me hair feel like silk :)

  2. I do's a stress reliever for me. I love it.

    I don't know how to advice you about hair and skin care because I always have the same problem whenever I visit the US during winter.

    But the key is to moisturize, I use the La Mer brand which is so effective for me.

  3. yay lovee the yoga mat! you are going to love being a yogi, it is by far my favorite form of exercise. a brisk walk does a body good as well :)
    i wish i had some tlc advise my skin and hair are saddd :(
    happy monday dear!!

  4. Well when I used to have hair (hardy har har) I used a heavy duty restorative conditioner once a week. I used Pantene Pro-V, but whatever brand you prefer!

    Yoga for sure! I run Monday through Thursday, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday I reward myself for all the hard work by doing yoga!

  5. I want to try yoga but I can never seem to get around to it. Running is what I love to do and yoga seems so.. slow, compared to it. Guess you never know until you try.

    Wish I could help you with some hair/skin advice but I can't.. in fact, I'm in need of it too!

  6. such a cute yoga mat! the only hair tip i have is to get a deep conditioner treatment and follow the directions, usually leave it on for like 10 minutes then wash it out. has worked for me in the past and my curls get dry so easily!

  7. love your yoga mat! im more of a running/spinning chica :) but yoga is better for your joints and bones!

  8. I loove that mat! I'm a big yoga fan and having a cute mat always makes a great yoga session even better. ;)
    I wish I had some advice regarding your skin and hair. Is the problem that they are really dry?


  9. The happenings in my life are eerily similar to yours...
    a) cleaning up my bomb-site of a room,
    b) getting a yoga mat!
    c) bad hair & skin!!

    If we don't hear from you for a few days, we'll know you're buried somewhere underneath your belongings/mess ;)

    I use an exfoliation glove on my face a few times a week, not too hard though because it can scratch! And a deep conditioning shampoo as well as heat protector when I blowdry/straighten my hair.

    AND, yoga is the only exercise I do, haha! We can be master yogi's together ;)

    Eleanor. xo

  10. Ahh such a cute yoga mat! I really want a pretty one like that :)
    Fave exercise is yoga, long walks, and I used to love swimming.

    My advice is to do some major moisturising. My skin and hair get really dry in winter too. Try a facemask of honey and oats mixed together, rub it on your face then wash off after 10mins or so with warm water. Sticky and messy but it makes my skin so soft! And try leaving your conditioner in your hair for 20mins before washing out.

    Love Hannah

  11. 1) That yoga mat is fab! I myself do cardio and light weight work-outs. I also use a balance ball. A mix of all three really works to tone - which I love!

    2) For hair...use a hot oil treatment every other week. I usually leave mine on for 15 minutes (it says less on the packaging, but more is better). It really revives dry locks.

    3) I use just a tiny dab of St. Ives body lotion on my face - that way it doesn't build oil, but protects from the wind. :)

  12. I've gotta say that I'm not a yoga lover, but I do like a nice run! :D

    Happy Yogi-ing!

  13. I know I already commented, but I saw this and immediately thought of you!


  14. i will always be a runner but I also love yoga for some good old fashion stretching :D

  15. here are two things I swear by:

    1. cod liver oil: it sounds super nasty, but it's made my hair SO much healthier and shinier and my skin clearer. I get the lemon flavored kind. It's a little expensive ($25 for the bottle) but it lasts so long since you only take a teaspoon/day.

    2. I read this somewhere and it sounds weird but I do it everyday. After you get out of the shower, take a facecloth and soak it completely in really hot water. Wring out most of the water until you just have a damp towel. Put it over your face for 30 or so seconds (I usually do this twice) and you will honestly look so much dewier/glowier! I swear by it!!

  16. great mat :) i usually just "work out" by playing tennis. either that i'll go running.

    love your blog :)
    - Audrey Allure

  17. How great!

    Have fun.

    Cute blog lady!

  18. I love yoga, but I can't do it. I can't even touch my toes so yoga is kinda out for me... lol

    But I LOVE your new yoga mat! Sooo cute!