Sunday, December 13, 2009

sunday...or bumday?

I’ve been so busy lately!   It seems like this is my first real post in a while.  I’m glad to be back :)

Yesterday morning I walked in the Christmas parade, holding banners for the store I work at, with my friends who I recruited for the job.  It was FARREEZZING.  But that’s okay, because in the end we got paid for doing it!  Then after the parade we went out to lunch to my favorite mexican restaurant and then headed to the mall.  I was out and about all day and night, this is my first opportunity to really sit at home and relax and DO NOTHING.  I have so much blog reading to catch up on – it’s amazing how being away for a day can totally mess up my blogging schedule.

Time to catch up on looks that have been stuck in my computer since Friday…

9-6 010


teal tunic
wet seal silver jacket
black leggings

9-6 014


target flower shirt
white belt
orange skirt
black sweater leggings

now let’s sum things up :)

1. New York, New York.

That’s where I’m headed on Friday morning!  I’m going to be up and at ‘em at 4:30 a.m.  Delightful, I know.  Otherwise it’s absolutely worth it.  Trust that you’ll have many pictures to look at when I get back!  And  hopefully new clothes, too – I’m on the look out for a new bag.  Where are your favorite places to go in New York City?

2. too many obsessions, too little time.

Lately, in terms of clothing, I can’t stay away from the color black or white.  Everything I have bought recently is either one of those colors or somewhere in between.  I’m especially hooked on little black skirts – especially with sequins!  Do you ever get hooked on a certain color and can’t seem to stay away from it? what’s on your color palette now-a-days?

3. thank you…….again.

I don’t know how many times I can say it, no matter how cliché it sounds, THANK YOU EVERYONE.  For participating in my first giveaway, sharing your insight, and being wonderful.  I especially loved your feedback on the whole body checking thing.  Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one in the whole world who does these things and then to find out I’m not alone is the best feeling.  We all engage in these behaviors and we all can come together to solve them :)

4. getting better and better.

As far as my progress this week, I feel as though I am doing really well.  There is still a HUGE part of me that wants to hold onto ED forever, but then there is my healthy part that is showing up consistently more and more in my life.  Doing the next best and right thing has been my motto recently and to be completely honest – it’s hard, but I’m succeeding!  Advice for those who can’t seem to push themselves to the edge, so to speak, DO IT.  Believe me, the power you feel is incomparable to anything else.  It’s a freedom that I cannot describe or express in words.

5. FAQ inpiration.

No, I’m not creating an FAQ page, but I am do something similar, however.  I now have a new email address –  If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me or the blog, please do not hesitate to email me :)

6. Stay alert for the winner…

of my giveaway that is!  Tomorrow is the day that I will choose a random name…




p.s. While on youtube today, I found this video.   It is called Anorexia: The Ten Most Common Misconceptions About E.D.'s.  While some pictures may be triggering, it explains what a lot of us try to say to those who are very ignorant about eating disorders.  It made me have a “finally – someone explains it right!!!” moment.  Just a thought…watch it or not, I thought it was nice and clear.


  1. ah the coral skirt and white belt.. fresh ta death!

    So jealous that you're going to NYC -- it's AMAZING in the christmas time. Hope to see pics :)

  2. oh my goodness i am soo jealous you are heading to NYC, pssht whatever to 430 that just means more time in the big city!! it's probably one of my favorite places in the whole wide world (ha even though i've only been there once)
    so glad you are getting to relax!! happy sunday dear :)

  3. You are TOO cute!
    Such an insightful, inspiring quote-- you are well on your way to a healthy, happy lifestyle.

    NYC is the best. It's like my second home. Have you ever been? There are SO many places to go to! And the shopping?! Don't even GET me started, hehe.

    I hope you have a wonderful night! I'm going to check out that video
    xo bec

  4. You are always so pretty and always so stylish Emily.

    You know what is my preferred color palette girl... enough said. It's ok to shop for black and white items, I find them more timeless and they won't easily go out of style.

    Have fun in NY.

  5. Emily! You're amazing. Please dont ever change who you are, or let anybody change you.

    And have a wonderful time in NYC! I'm so insanely jealous and can't wait to see photos! Good luck avec le shopping! not that you need it I'm sure... you are clearly something of a pro ;)

    Tonnes of love,
    Hannah xo


  6. Emily, your are a Beautimous girl! CONGRATULATIONS on progress :) That's always phenomenal.
    New York is one of my top 3 favorite cities. Make sure you hit up SoHo... you will die and go to shopping heaven. It will be your nirvana! Take lots and LOTS of pictures! Most importantly, just enjoy yourself. Don't let ED hold you back in any way. If there's an awesome street vender selling amazing wraps, eat one! It will be sooo worth it.

    Go to Dylan's Candy bar and indulge in something sweet.
    Have a great night!

  7. OBESSED w. your friday outfit!!

  8. Love the outfits -- too, too cute! Wonderful video, I can see where it's very relate-able.

    I found your blog through Candid RD and I wanted to say that I look forward to following!

  9. new york will be amazing :) i always end up with the cutest purses from gets crazy though!

    i hope you have a fabulous time!

    ♥ lindsey

  10. Awww I can't wait for tomorrow! Your giveaway was so entertaining, I didn't want it to end!

    I love the silver jacket, I saw something similor for 20$ in H&M, is it here? And I love the white belt :)

    I have a Question for ya!
    Q: Have you had a phase where your style was 'emo/gothic/skater/whatever'? I ask this because your style looks urbain/glamourous, and I was wondering if your taste in fashion has always been the same. :)


  11. i just bought a black sequin skirt! Huzzah!
    Black and white are staples <3

    your outfit with the orange skirt is SO cute!!

    I am supa jelous of your NYC adventure. I cannot wait to hear a recap post! :)

    Stay strong, stay motivated girly. You are such a beauty and an inspiriation. I really hope you know that <3 thanks for making me smile and move forward daily. xoxo

  12. Jealous that you're headed to NYC! Can't wait to see the big giveaway winnner!!! Love your outfits. You need to be my stylist, seriously!