Saturday, December 26, 2009


Who braved the malls today?

not me…

I played around with my mom’s new toy a.k.a. giant camera that takes a bunch a ridiculously nice pictures.  I’m in charge of teaching her how to use it :)  Not too bad of a responsibility, I must say.

9-6 029

one of the many few pictures I may have taken alone in my room…

oh come on – I know you all do it too ;)

It always makes me sad when Christmas is over, but then I realize that in a few short weeks I’ll be celebrating yet another occasion – my birthday!  And then when that passes by, well..let’s not go there…

Even though I may just only be fifteen-years-young, I have thoughts that should be in the mind of someone having a mid-life crisis.  Sometimes I cannot seem to grasp how I got to this point in my life, my purpose, or how I ended up having an ED.  It’s weird.  Really weird.  All the plans in my head of what I would be like as a “teenager” went down the drain, you can’t predict something as random as what time brings.  Rolling with the punches is the best way to deal with things – take ‘em as they come.

What I’m wondering is – do you ever stop yourself and ask - what am I doing here?  how am I like this?  Is there ever a point where you wonder and question every single thing in your life?


Alright, enough tough stuff

I’m thinking I want to incorporate more fashion type features into my blog, with the start of the new year. Anyone got any ideas? I’d love to hear them!





Thanks to we heart it for the pictures.


  1. I only left my house once today (had a desperate need for greek yogurt.. emergency, you understand!) but avoided the mall at all costs!

  2. I actually did go to the mall today. Gap was having an amazing sale, and as it is my go-to store for everything I wear- I had to make the exception.

    and I ask myself those questions ALL the time.. especially since I moved. It fascinates me.

  3. ugh yes i did go to the mall..worst idea ever. you're so right, we all take those self portraits! excited to see you add more fashion to your blog, spice things up!

  4. I am always bombarding myself with those questions - trying to nut out ED and how I actually ended up in his hands. But that's falling into the whole "what-if's"... And they're dangerous, not to mention pointless.
    Our lives are how they are - we're the driver behind the wheel, and we got ourselves to where we are right now. That must mean we can get ourselves ANYwhere, right? Right! So let's take the wheel and drive our lives in a direction heading to that place called "LIVING".

    As always, you look beautiful. ;)

    Eleanor. xo

  5. Live for today Emily... roll with the punches.

    What type of fashion features?

    Emily, you are so pretty and you have great fashion sense. Stick with your outfit posts and try to do it in a different location, like outside your house or in your living room. I can see you as another Childhood Flames or Fashion Toast in the making.

    Post bigger pictures and minimal texts. The attention span of blog browsers is so short so you have to consider that. I see a future for you in the fashion world.

    Don't change the colors and layout of your blog. Studies show that browsers tend to favor a minimalist blog. Don't add music too. Hahaha!

  6. you are a beauty.!

    noo way did i brave the malls today. im too chicken. haha.
    i ask myself those questions often.. its silly really. bleh.

    love you

  7. Hi!
    I went to Wall-Mart yesterday for my Revlon Double Twist Mascara, on sale for 5.97$...I thought I would either die in the waiting line, or die smashed by the crowd.

    I take waaay to much time to take picture of myself...Glad I'm not alone :p

    I often ask myself those questions: 'How did I end up with the law?' 'Why did I go to court at the age of 15?', etc. But I try to make the best out of it.

    Yes, definately more fashion! I don't have ideas...maybe you could choose a piece of clothes, like a red skirt, and then pair it with different clothes to make different outfit?

    Or maybe be make giveaway with not food, but accessories?

    Or, each season, make a post about what's fashionable?

    Hope it helped :)

  8. i totally went to the mall, it was crazy, but some of the sales were just that good.
    oh honey i question things a lot. a lot a lot. then i find myself dwelling. its hard when you think as much as we do.
    :) i'm all about random pictures of myself.
    hope you have a wonderful day dear, a fashion feature would be amazing!

  9. I braved Target yesterday - bad idea. Stay far away from the Christmas aisles - there are people killing each other for half off Christmas trees!!

    This is such an amazing question, Emily. I will admit that I question everything all the time. I think that is what actually led me to ED in the first place. I would worry, and nitpick, and mull over every decision I made. I would rethink conversations that I had, and pick out "dumb" things I had said that would make people dislike me. I've gotten better with it. Like you said, you have to roll with the punches. Whatever life doles out in your direction, you have to take in stride!! :)

  10. I actually went out with my mom to the mall and what not to return/exchange a few things wasn't too badd! Surprisingly so!

    When you question things in life, just remember that the Lord has a plan for you.

    "Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;

    in all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

    Fashion?! I can always use some bright tips to mix things up!

  11. I'm constantly overanalyzing and asking questions. But it seems the more I try to find the answers the more questions I get! Sometimes I forget that I am in control of the answers to some of these questions and "what ifs."
    My mom and I totally forgot about the "madness at the malls" (sounds like some sort of book title..) and tried to see a movie there. Big mistake! It was nearly impossible to find parking and the chaos was super anxiety provoking. I would have much rather stayed home and played with a cool camera ;)