Sunday, December 27, 2009

new year, new things

First off, thank you for all the wonderful insight!  About both things I mentioned in my last post  1) questioning myself 2) fashioning up my blog.

I have come to a conclusion about what the new year will bring to Secret Doors.  And that conclusion - keep in my mind this is very open-ended - will be to have more pictures, better pictures, and maybe some special fashion posts featuring specific items of clothing.


To get better quality pictures, and to step OUTSIDE my bathroom for the pictures, I’m going to have to teach someone else how to take them.  Hard? Yes.  Am I up for the challenge? Absolutely!

I find that the more this blog challenges me, the more I will learn.  Not to mention that I love to strive for goals, no matter how lofty they may be.

Another thing I would like to mention – even though I’m not much of a “resolution maker” – is that I want to be more creative with my outfits.  I want to step outside my comfort zone, do what feels most awkward for me.  It’s a kind of weird goal, but I like it.  It’ll make me think more (like that’s ever been a problem..) and use things in my closet that I would have never used otherwise.  I want to “expand my horizons”.

By the way, this week when I have free time, I am going to actually complete my pages under my header.  I will find the motivation, I promise! 

Speaking of resolutions – do you usually make any? If so, what do you want to do in the new year?  speaking of new year’s -what do you have planned for new year’s eve?

Okay, I’m done grilling you.  Sorry about the lack of sum-it-up Sunday, I wasn’t really in the mood.

Have a wonderful night!


  1. i dont do much resolutions..because i feel like it gets so hyped up! i just make my goals as i go :) hehe.

  2. I used to try making resolutions but would grow discouraged, anticipating next year in my head and how I wouldn't have accomplished any of them. Since that wasn't a very positive experience (to put it lightly!) I've started instead seeing New Years as a time to reflect on the things that happened in the past year, things I've accomplished, ways I've grown, etc. Rather than bringing me down it pumps up my confidence and makes me feel ready for whatever the next year will bring!


  3. I have loved watching your blog transform and develop thus far, and I can't wait to watch all of the fabulousness you have in store for us in 2010, girl :)

  4. I am more than excited for Secret Doors, new edition ;) words cannot describe.

  5. Can't wait to see what Secret Doors has in store for us for 2010! Anything involving your style will be a sure fire winner though :)

    This year I'm not makign resolutions. In the past I have always tied myself down to too many rules and goals to base my year upon... most of which were self destructive. So this year I want to feel free!

    Hope you had a good weekend!
    Hannah xo

  6. Cool! Pictures are always a good thing :)

  7. wonderful ideas beautiful! i can't to see what becomes of secret doors, so excited!
    as for new years i am making myself do something, just don't know what yet.
    happy sunday dear!

  8. Emily, glad you listened to one of my advise. If you can't teach someone, invest in a tripod. It will be your best friend, I tell you. Hahaha!

    You can break away from your comfort zone anytime because you've proven that you have style. I wouldn't recommend staying out of their comfort zone to anyone who have not discovered and learn style. But you've got it girl, so go and expand your horizons.

  9. I really admire your ability to push and motivate yourself - even your New Years resolutions offers hints as to how incredible strong you are :) Your goals are amazing, and although they will be tough to complete, I know you won't give up!

    I have quite a lengthy list of goals that I need to narrow down before the New Year. Because of my struggles this past year, I have so much to work on, to challenge myself with, and to strive for. I am so very excited to push myself to be the absolute best I can be!

    I can't WAIT for the fashion updates my dear :)

  10. I'm still deciding whether or not I will make Resolutions this year. I think it would be fun to; yet frightening all at once.

    As for New Year's Eve - I will be having a Girls' Night In complete with chick flick marathon with one of my friends!! :)

  11. That is a gorgeous photo!
    I'm not really much of a resolution maker either as I think one can choose to do something at any time of the year! But I do plan on making a little list of things to aim for with my blog so I can progress. :)

    Florrie x