Wednesday, December 2, 2009

back in a flash…

Hello all!

Another post, I know, but it’s just easier to do the giveaway posts separately :)

I’ve got some looks to catch up on, so let’s get to it…

9-6 011 Tuesday

plaid flannel button down 
skinny jeans
black slouch boots (payless!)

9-6 008Wednesday

plaid jacket
F21 gray long sleeve shirt
black sweater leggings
brown belt

plaid theme here – no? :)

Lately I have been reading like CRAZY.  More than I have in quite some time.

9-6 016

What am I reading?

Oh just take a wild guess…

9-6 017

I couldn’t help myself…I’m in love.  It took me a week for the first – now I just have to polish off this baby.

It’s raining cats and dogs here today.  Perfect for staying inside and cuddling up in my big ‘ol bed – multi tasking and what not.  I got my two big tests back and I’m SO RELIEVED…I got a decent grade on both of them. PHEW! That is a huge weight off of my shoulders, a weight I probably put on myself, but that’s expected.

I want to take the time to say how incredibly amazing each and everyone of you all are!  You are so inspiring and wonderful and I don’t think I could say it enough.  Please, continue to be marvelous people and you will go so far in life.  You guys push me every day to fight for my life and my freedom.  For that, I am completely grateful and thankful :)

Take care on this rainy night where ever you may be!


  1. so so so cute. i need a good book to read, besides twilight, any good suggestions? haha

  2. um, i definitely read all four twilight books in a total of 2 weeks haha. it would have been less if i could have got my hands on the third one sooner! it was torture, i swear :)

    keep up the good work girl, you look amazing!

    ♥ lindsey

  3. It's plaid week then... you look so pretty in plaid.

  4. You look fabulous in plaid! High five for lots of reading, Stephanie Meyer actually went to my old High School. We had the same sophomore English teacher! we read Twilight for school hah

  5. your too cute!

    Have a magnificant day, my dearest <3

  6. Every one of your posts makes me smile.
    You blow me away with your positive outlook, frame of mind and words. I know I've said this so many times but you truly are an inspiration... To us all.

    You look gorgeous, as always! :)
    Please continue to be the amazing, marvellous girl you are, and have an amazing, marvellous day!

    Eleanor. xo

  7. mm love the plaid. i need more plaid in my life :)
    ah yes the rain. reading is a wonderful solution to it!!
    xoxo beautiful

  8. keep reading my dear - those books are my guilty pleasure!

    and your looking fabulous as always emily - plaid is so perfect for winter :)

    tonnes of love
    hannah xo

  9. love the outfits! as usual... it was raining here in ohio last night too :( i couldn't walk the dog and she went crazy! too much extra energy (i need some of it! ) have a great day love!

  10. Ohh it was rainy over where I was too. But I just landed in Florida at my parent's place and there is no rain in sight - JUST LOTS OF HUMIDITY!

    I'm so glad you are feeling relieved. Just always think positive when it comes to tests or presentations or anything really :) Remember that you know your stuff! I think sometimes not giving ourselves enough credit for what we know leads us to forgetting. Plus, we all appreciate you! You have such a wonderful spirit and the fact that you can show that through your posts is amazing :)

    Anyway, I love this whole giveaway theme you've got going on! It's festive and fun (like you!)

    p.s. your Thanksgiving looked phenomenal!!

  11. I absolutely love your use of plaids this week - it makes me think of Christmas! :)

  12. oh pooks, I should have warned you. Now that you've immersed yourself in the Twilight addiction you are stuck for life. Ah well, we can be addicts together :)

  13. I'm glad your tests went well!
    Haha, all my friends love Twilight, I refuse to get hooked!
    But I am totally like that with Harry Potter, I read the 7th in 3 days! Talk about no life!