Monday, December 7, 2009


This past summer, I stepped into a whole new world.  A world surrounded by people that I’ve never seen or met before, yet they have welcomed me with open arms.  As I started to express my feelings, hardships, and accomplishments, there was never any doubt in my mind that they were there to support me, guide me, or even teach me.  They have helped in more ways than I could have ever imagined and for that I am forever grateful.  This ode is to all my wonderful bloggies who are reading, commenting, and supporting.  You all manage to brighten my days when I think there is absolutely no chance of seeing the light.  I want to thank you all for being there with me along the way as I rediscover myself and unlock all of my secret doors. 

This, my friends, is my 99th post!  I don’t know if you recall, but I had an itty bitty celebration for my 19th…so the 99th calls for one too, right?!

first, here’s my look -

9-6 015

f21 long sleeve tee
free people tunic
gray leggings

To celebrate you have to comment 9 things that you love about yourself!

1. I can laugh about the stupidest things.
2. I am creative.
3. I am a good listener.
4. I am ambitious.
5. I have an eye for fashion.
6. I am calm in crazy situations.
7. I am always on time.
8. I can save money well.
9. I decided to create a blog!

Now it’s your turn :)

How do you celebrate special occasions?


  1. 1. I make my family dinner every night.
    2. I have orange hands.
    3. I am an artist.
    4. I am a mad dancer ;)
    5. My best friend calls me by different types of cheese instead of my name (i.e. feta, mozerella, muenster..etc), because I'm cheesy.
    6. I have two tiny pinkies (They're smaller than the norm... but I have no shame!)
    7. I'm nice to my little brother.
    8. I have the best of bloggie friends.
    9. I've hugged my brother's printer... long story.

  2. 1. I am witty
    2. I (try) be organized
    3. I always have a plan
    4. I started a blog :)
    5. I know what is good for me
    6. I don't jeopardize my morals
    7. I have a loving family
    8. I love candy
    9. Dogs can always relax me

  3. Love the oufit pretty lady =P

    1. I am punctual
    2. Art thrills me
    3. I am ethical
    4. I appreciate nature
    5. I am mature (I swear sometime's I'm an eighty year old trapped in an eighteen year old's body!)
    6. I strive everyday to be better
    7. I value inner qualities above all
    8. I love animals
    9. I am on the road to recovery :)

  4. 1. i love yoga
    2. i am thoughtful
    3. i love chatting
    4. i am learning to respect myself
    5. i am a part of the wonderful blog world
    6. i have a mommy who answers the phone everyday
    7. i am learning to live in the real world
    8. i laugh at my own jokes
    9. whenever anyone tells me i am weird i respond with "i know" and they get all confused :)

  5. 1. I have my dad's silly sense of humour
    2. I have the cutest dog ever
    3. I am starting to keep my room clean
    4. I Am part of the blog world
    5. I have the best family
    6. I believe
    7. I can pinch people with my toes
    8. I have a reason to smile
    9. I see the best in people

  6. awww i love your lovin list!! what a great idea-to spread self love over the blog world! you are awesome.

    1. I have faith that keeps me grounded
    2. I have amazing family
    3. I have encouraging best friends
    4. I have a supportive, loving boyfriend
    5. Im blessed to go to an AMAZING college
    6. I have a witty sense of humor
    7. Im a natural runner
    8. Im creative
    9. Im positive about life!!

    love you girl!

  7. 1. I'll play my younger sisters guitar for hours on end
    2. I find time for everybody in my life.
    3. I chose life
    4. I know I'm not perfect, and I love that.
    5. When I run on the beach I feel truly free
    6. I'm not afraid to speak my mind
    7. I think way too much about trivial subjects such as who named the pear
    8. I found the blogging community.
    9. I managed to find nine things!

  8. 1. i am compassionate
    2. i have an eye for colours, art, and fashion.
    3. i can achive beautiful skin (on models)
    4. when I set a goal, i WILL reach it
    5. i have a blog :)
    6. im creative
    7. i can cook! (when I need to) ;)
    8. im blessed with a wonderful family.
    9. i love animals, and particiapte with the SPCA

  9. Congrats on the 99th post... you've gone a long way girl and we are all behind you.

    My list...
    1. I'm addicted to smiles.
    2. I love to smile.
    3. I have very supportive friends
    4. I have two awesome boys.
    5. I am so organized.
    6. I am a good listener.
    7. I am the life of the party.
    8. I am so blessed.
    9. I love life.

  10. Great post!! I have that foreva long sleeve t-shirt.....shhhh but I never tell anyone where my foreva purchases are from....I think I might be too old to admit it! hahaha!!

    Congrats Doll!!

  11. I love this post, your outfit, and the 9 things you love about yourself.

    9 Things I love about me:
    1. I have a good sense of humor.
    2. I am comfortable enough to leave the house without makeup.
    3. I am a good friend.
    4. I, too, am always on time! Early even!
    5. When it comes to money, I am good at saving and budgeting .
    6. My hair!
    7. I am a creative person.
    8. I love helping others/giving.
    9. I'm a bloggie!

    Have a great day my love!!

  12. 1) I am independent.
    2) I'm a good listener.
    3) I'm a blogger.
    4) My childlike imagination.
    5) I am caring.
    6) I am organized.
    7) I am a good writer.
    8) My hair.
    9) My blogger friends! :)

  13. Hihi I love this :)

    1) My eyes
    2) My maturity
    3) I'm a blogger ;)
    4) My hair
    5) I'm realist
    6) I'm sympatic
    7) I'm sweet
    8) I am member of the Oatmeal Lovers Nation
    9) I'm a cheerleader
    10) I'm modest (ok...try to believe it)

  14. aw sweetie! you are so cute :) happy 99th to you babe!

    1. My height (I am a tall chick!)
    2. My sense of humor (I make myself laugh)
    3. My long eyelashes
    4. My passion for writing
    5. My hair
    6. My compassion for others
    7. My oatmeal making skillz ;)
    8. My creativity
    9. My ambition

    hugs and kisses! xo