Thursday, November 19, 2009

you are worth it

There are so many instances when I find myself judging who I am, what I do, and the most popular one – how I look.   We all do it and it is common ground in which us human beings unite, despite our unique differences. 

Among the judging, demeaning, and criticizing, you can’t forget the comparing.  Girls often play into this one, seeing pretty, SKINNY girls as competition.  Or perhaps thinking EVERYTHING is a competition when you realize that another person is better at something you than.  Then there is the opposite of the situation, making yourself feel better because someone is worse at something than you are, heavier, less pretty, less intelligent, and the list goes on.

This is human nature, my friends, but it is not the way to think.

Every person on this planet – you, mom, dad, sister, friend, boyfriend, celebrity, president, criminal, supermodel, anyone and everyone – all have the same value.  There is not one single person better than you are or worse than you are.  We are all of equal worth because we are the people we are.  Being skinnier or heavier, prettier or uglier, smarter or dumber,  does not effect your value any which way.  You are worth it.

What do you do for yourself to honor how much you are worth?  How do you treat yourself?

If you don’t do anything special for yourself, make it a goal for the future.  It’s important to get some “you” time!

I’ll leave you with my look…

9-6 001

- black knit pants/leggings from Nordstrom
- gray tank
- F21 white sweater
- gold belt
- black slouch boots

Sweet dreams!


  1. we are all worth it, we need to stop denying it :)
    hmm i plan to treat myself well this week and enjoy the relaxation, because i deserve it
    have beautiful night!!

  2. Beautiful words, and so true, too.
    We need to learn to appreciate ourselves, AND others, too. We are all deserving of love, happiness and life.

    Thank you for your inspirational words. :)


  3. You are such a beautiful person, inspiring words. This post put a big smile on my face :)

  4. Beautiful words coming from an equally beautiful lady... you are such a darling!

  5. I love this post. I am going to bookmark it. Such inspiration.

  6. i agree with every word you said. such a beautiful perspective to have.

    im going to try and challenge myself to take some "me" time this weekend :)


  7. Basically, I only surround myself with people who value me as a person. Who treat me with the same respect that I treat them. The moment you allow someone to make you feel bad, you're saying that you aren't worth it.

    Love this post and the way it inspired me to think about this, Emily. :)

  8. that is so true...nice outfit Emily

  9. you are wise beyond your years, sweetheart. Thank you for this post!

  10. This is one of the most simple thoughts, but it speaks volumes. This is so true as well!
    We should be excepting of ourselves and honor our bodies for the herculean tasks it undertakes everyday.

  11. Your look is fabulous. I love it!

    Such a wonderful post Emily. Its so true. we are ALL worth it. No matter who we are. We shall not be judged, or juge others. It IS in every day nature... but to make it a goal to NOT judge, and to LOVE and ACCEPT is huge. so important.

  12. Ah I really needed this post, thanks. You are so right.. that judgement that we pass on ourselves and others is always there, even when we don't realize it. Which is why we need to make the conscious effort to realize that we are worth it. All in different ways, but still just as special. :)