Tuesday, November 10, 2009

secrets of the secret doors

Hello :)

First of all, here is my look -

- purple tank with flower design
- pink skirt
- black and silver belt
- boots

I really want to address how thankful I am for this blogging community I have been introduced to.  You bloggers are amazing beyond words how you continue to support me and love me no matter what.  There is nothing like having a group of people who know exactly how I'm feeling and what I'm going through.  I love all of you so much!

excuse my sappiness :)

For todays post, I want to do a secret doors a la post secret confessional.  Each person who comments, has to confess one of their secrets they wouldn't have told if someone had never asked.

What's my secret?

When I was little, I collected price tags.  I had a whole little purse dedicated to holding them. Weird, I know.  I guess it was just foreshadowing to my life now and my obsession with shopping ;)

Now it's your turn...
confess away!

Sweet dreams.


  1. I'm thinking what secrets can I confess that is not at all so shocking.

    *I am a part-time food stylist but I can't cook.
    *I have a kid who is about the same age as you Emily.
    *I still collect Hello Kitty items up to now. (that's kinda shocking given I'm old enough to be your mom). Hahaha!

  2. I love to go to Starbucks, Panera, any coffee shop or restaurant where they write your name on the cup or call it out. When they ask my name I always say Harry Potter characters!

  3. i love post a secret its such a good site.

    my secret is...i never wash my hands after playing with my pets..if i did i would have to watch my hands 5 million time a day :)

  4. my secret?
    During surf school me and a boy I was interested were supposed to be going out to the back and finding bigger waves, but we actually paddled away from everybody and spent the time canoodling, and when we came back and everybody asked where we were we said we were at the back whole time ;)

  5. can i have your boots?
    LOVE them

    your secret is so so cute :D haha love it.

    i never pay for gum :$ so bad.

  6. love the outfit :)
    secrets, such a great idea.
    i stepped on a girl at basketball practice in 3rd grade, i swore i didn't and my parents believed me

  7. Haha, you collected price tags, and I collected shoe boxes. I am convinced that my abundance of shoe boxes as a child should have been an indication that shoes would forever be my weakness! :)

  8. i love this post!

    my secret... i go through an entire pack of gum a day. yikes!

  9. Jeez, Emily, you are so pretty!

    post secret is an amazing site, and I like the idea!
    my secret...
    I always steal little things from the Sanrio store, and when my mom asks me where I got them, I tell her I found them within my old childhood toys!
    :O omg.


  10. blogworld is lucky to have YOU girl :)

    my secret.. hmmmm. I slept with a night light until like... okay, I still sleep with a night light. no shame, no shame.

  11. Oh I love this outfit girlie. you are too cute. The belt is perfect.

    WE are so happy to have the privilege of reading your fab blog, girl! keep the posts coming!

    Hmmm my secret? I check the door at least five times before I leave in morning to make sure it is locked. Sometimes I am half way down the block and I will go back and check it again. lol I live in Manhattan... it's totally necessary lol

  12. my secret is that i'm completely paranoid when walking alone kind of like clarewbrown. I have to be on my cell or i'm super nervous. I'll like have my phone in my hand in my pocket so i'm ready to call someone if anything. When you live in NYC the things you hear on the news are not pretty. So that does not help my paranoia one bit. Oh and i'm addicted to chocolate, but i openly admit that now. btw: nice outfit