Wednesday, November 11, 2009

looking into the future

‘evening bloggies :)

you know the drill…here’s my look -

9-6 003

- white long tank
- brown belt
- white leggings
- gray cardigan
- blue and green striped leg warmers
- boots

and who said white couldn’t be worn after labor day?

Anyways, moving on…

I’ve got some exciting news!  No, I didn’t find out that I have psychic abilities. Looks like a trip to NYC is in my future :)  In December perhaps?  I’m going with a group from my school, including my sister.  I’ll take any chance to go to the big apple – even if it’s just for two days.  There is so much to look forward to in the next month or two!

Speaking of next month, perhaps maybe a giveaway might be in the near future as well *wink wink*

Regarding last post, I really enjoyed reading all the secrets that you all had, but they aren’t really secrets anymore now are they?  Of course I’m only kidding, your secrets are safe with me ;)

So report cards came out today.  I am still alive, so that’s your cue that everything went smoothly.  My inner perfectionist didn’t win this time, I held my ground.  All those A’s are perfectly fine the way they are and it’s ridiculous to think that I am no good if I don’t have straight A+’s.  One quarter down, three more to go…Emily 1-0, Ms. Perfectionist 0-1.

Alright well I’m going to have to leave you here, but I’ve got something  to leave you with…


oh if only…

Sweet dreams…...of that closet :)



  1. i shoe gazed today, then i got sad because i don't have any money to spare, woe is me.

    love the outfit :) & yay for beating the perfectionist, i do the same thing

  2. Let me guess... is that the closet of Jane from Sea of Shoes?

    Great job in school... love your outfit, so cool!

  3. I absolutely love the way those striped leg warmers look peeking out from the top of your boots. And yay for New York! We may be in the City at the same time as each other! :)

  4. if I had a shoe closet like that I would die a happy lady! haha

    love the leggings girlie!

  5. Love your totally hip outfit, chicka! You are soo cute... And hurray for NYC!! It is a magical place! I love living here :)... well, sometimes haha

  6. straight A+'s just aint human girl... getting a few B's keep us sane :)

    that's exciting that your going to NYC! anything in particular planned? shopping, I assume -- after all, you are my little fashionista! :)