Saturday, November 7, 2009

A look here and a look there

Hey everyone!

I hope your Saturday treated you well.  Mine was spent at work for all of nine hours!  It was the store’s holiday open house, so I had to be there all day.

Here are my looks for the past couple of days…


9-6 004

- black blouse
- skinny jeans
- boots


9-6 003

- sequin top
- purple sweater
- black/gray hounds-tooth check skirt
- black sweater leggings
- boots

Aren’t my mirror pictures wonderful?

So anyways, I think I have been doing pretty well with eating lately.  It has been a lot less stressful, I don’t feel the need to over analyze my food choices or throw a fit whenever I don’t feel comfortable with what’s available to me.  The eating part is easy, the dealing with the weight gain is…not so easy.  I’m trying to see things differently, through a fresh pair of eyes, but it’s a learning process.  Being entrenched into a certain way of life, healthy or unhealthy, for over a year is difficult to snap out of.  As Miley Cyrus would say (yes I know it’s ridiculous that I am quoting Miley Cyrus) “it’s all about the climb”. So catchy, and so incredibly true.

My new obsession?  Well how about a PB&PB&Banana sandwich?  No, not double peanut butter, but pumpkin butter and peanut butter.  ‘Tis a blissful combination if I do say so myself.  Who knows, I might hit you guys up with a few pictures sometime in the near future…all of you foodies are getting to me.


Since it is Saturday, I guess that can only mean one thing…

Weekly Crave

Most girls can’t live without their eye shadow, foundation, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, and the list goes on.  I however, would rather not live without the thing that makes eye lashes flutter in brilliant boldness, mascara.  Thankfully, this holiday season, Sephora has come out with a gift set with my name written all over it. 

LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler ($104 Value)

LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler

Filled with all the most wanted mascaras for every lash, so eyes will flutter with magnificence.  This stash will keep my lashes long and pretty for whatever occasion!

Alright folks, that’ll be it for tonight…

Sweet dreams!



  1. Love your Saturday look... very gorgeous.

    That Sephora sampler is awesome... I also want one for Christmas.

  2. i love the climb it is a great song, i go onto shuffle mood on my ipod and then skip straight to the climb and sing it really loud.

  3. im so happy your feeling less stressed around food, eating etc. its a tough learning process, but a beautiful one nonetheless, as it teaches us how to care and respect for our bodies :)

    mascara is my number 1 essential too.

    xo Hannah

  4. 1) I absolutely adore Saturday's look. It is truly the epitome of perfect.

    2) Don't feel embarrassed for quoting Miley Cyrus. To be completely truthful, I spend quite a bit of time singing "Party In the U.S.A.," "The Driveway," and "Fly On the Wall." They are my guilty pleasures.

    3) That mascara sampler is quite possibly the most fabulous thing on the planet. I'm craving it as well now! :)

  5. loveee the looks as always!
    i have never seen that brand of mascara, i will have to be on the lookout, mascara is essential.
    i'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better about your eats, its hard to change but eating doesn't have to be stressful, the gain is necessary dear, not easy but it's good :)
    xoxo have a beautiful day!

  6. PB&'nana -- classic!

    holy mascara!

  7. Your looks are amazing, esp. the Saturday one. Love sequins.