Tuesday, November 3, 2009

life starts now

Hola everyone!  Happy Tuesday :)

It is indeed happy because I’m off from school – it’s a “teacher work day”.  And yesterday there was no school either because it was election day.  In other words, a short school week = a happy Emily.

Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of my fashion sense.  The truth is, I’ve had a lot of my great, prized articles of clothing for a really long time.  They been hanging in my closet waiting for me to adorn them.  It is has just been recently, this year, that I have put them on and worn them in confidence and pride.  I started to question myself about why only this year have I started to do this.  Why wasn’t it last year, the year before, and so on?  I have had so many opportunities to wear all these wonderful clothes, but chose not to.  The only answer I could come up was the very thing I live in every day – my body.  I chose to deny myself from looking put together and confident because I felt my body wasn’t good enough to show off in that way.  Goals for myself were “I can wear this only if I lose x amount of weight..” or “I’ll buy this in a couple months, after I eat healthier and start working out..”  Now I realize something that I hadn’t in years prior, ANYONE can look beautiful in clothing that they love.  It’s not the clothing that makes a person look beautiful, it’s the person wearing the clothing that’s beautiful.  If a person really loves what they are wearing and feels good about themselves, that energy will radiate.  Part of my inspiration for this insight is from the book Hungry by Crystal Renn

“We postpone living—taking beach vacations, buying the foxy dress that shows off our upper arms, asking out the cute guy—because we think that being daring is the province of thin, and only after we’ve been ‘good’ enough to get thin do we deserve life’s prizes.”

So do what you love to do, live, love, and enjoy your time on earth.  Because you never know if you are going to have the chance to ever take that beach vacation, buy that foxy dress, or ask out that cute guy.  No one is ever guaranteed tomorrow.  I sometimes feel like a hypocrite for writing things like this, because I’m in the midst of fighting ED, the perfect example of postponing living.  I guess that’s the whole point of fighting it though, right?


Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Live for today Emily... appreciate every moment for tomorrow may never come. Take those wonderful clothes in your closet out for a spin. Do it now.

    Carpe diem!

  2. You're right - that IS the point in fighting it. By fighting it we are living both for the moment and for all those wonderful moments to come.
    Glad you had a nice two days at home :)

    xo Hannah

  3. I love that quote.

    Beautiful. as are you <3

  4. beautiful quote.
    so special, just like you!

  5. Emily,
    Hello and thank you for your comment! I love SCAD, i'm at the Atlanta campus, which I prefer over Savannah. If you ever have any questions about about the school shoot me an e-mail at ccamer23@student.scad.edu! I just started my fashion classes this year and I adore them!
    I deal with the same issues, I have all this great clothing that doesn't get worn because I have all these things I know I feel comfortable in them and I know I look good (or at least okay) in them.
    I think your comment on ED postponing living is spot on, and quite inspiring as well.

  6. Great quote Emily!! And I am super jealous of your short week! That is definitely one of the perks of being in school!!

  7. i needed to read that right now. thanks dear, you are right there is no point to postpone living, all you can do is live the way you are. it's beautiful.

  8. your post is great as are you. take care of yourself you deserve all of life's treasures

  9. I'm sure you are recovering and I'm so happy for u. And you are so right, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, but good things for sure! :)



  10. I love this post. You are truly wise beyond your years, Emily.

    It's funny, I've been struggling with ED myself for about four years now, and it feels as if it doesn't get any easier. I constantly have thoughts like this go through my mind - so much so that I just hide clothes away if I think that looking at them will make me feel fat. Really, I should be wearing them - just as you should be wearing yours. Let's take our fabulous clothes out for a spin together! :)

  11. oh that quote touches my soul...

    life is far too short to procrastinate -- embrace each and every moment -- seize every opportunity -- live life to it's fullest right this moment :)!

  12. hey girl, i'm also dealing with recovery from anorexia, so i know how tough it can be sometimes. i'm also new the the blogging world, and i'm getting slightly obsessed! i'd love to talk to someone else with an ED if you ever want to e-mail me sometime! keep it up!

    ciao bella :)