Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Saturday!


Como esta?

Estoy bein :)

How ‘bout my look from Friday…


- Free People blue tank
- F21 skirt
- A&F cardigan
- gray leggings
- boots
- vintage turquoise beads

Personally, I don’t think this picture does this outfit justice.  I was in a hurry to run out the door, but managed to squeeze this little snap shot in.

moving on…

Weekly Crave

This week I confess - I have an obsession.  You are probably wondering what else I could possibly be obsessed with, but at the same time you might have a clue.  Outfit after outfit I seem to get twirled into their spell and just can’t resist…

Say Elastic Waist Skirt and I’m immediately lured.  It could be like this one from Forever 21, or any other brand that carries anything frilly, bouncy, and twirly.   I swear, I have yet another addiction ;)

That’ll be all for today!

I’m off to grocery shop (my life), and then I’m going out to dinner and seeing New Moon.  Perhaps I should have seen the first one, but oh well!  It’s one of my best friend’s sixteenth that we are celebrating tonight.

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!


  1. J'adore Elastic Waist Skirts. They're so easy to style and wear. That one from Forever 21 = love!

    Have fun seeing New Moon and celebrating your friend's Sweet Sixteen! I haven't seen Twilight either, but that wouldn't stop me from going straight to New Moon! :)

  2. I swear I say a skirt identical to that one in TJmaxx the other day for like 10 dollars! I recommend you hit them up stat :)

    ahh have fun at new moon - I am tres jealous! I have to convince Gingie to come see it with me!

  3. I actually turn green with envy every time I see your clothes,
    send them to me!

    New Moon? yet to see it, I only saw Twilight like a month ago, not sure if I'm ready for more vampire action.... :D

  4. love the outfit & i always look at those skirts, never actually tried one on but i love them
    totally saw new moon this morning with my sister, guilty pleasure :)
    happy saturday!!

  5. I love the outfit, and I, too, love elastic waist skirts!

  6. This is my first visit to your blog. I LOVE it! Your style is so chic and unique.

    Mmm, I just got home from grocery shopping. My day is made :)

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  7. Frilly, bouncy and twirly skirts are perfect for you. I saw some similar skirts in your past outfits and you always look fabulous in them. Go get that F21 skirt, it's a great buy.

  8. love elastic waist skirts, they're so versatile and easy to wear! you look fabulous in them :)

    enjoy your evening out with your friends... i cant wait to see new moon!

    xo hannah

  9. I can so see you with that skirt!
    I hope it finds its way into your wardrobe for Christmas. :)
    You really have amazing style - you look beautiful in everything, always!

    New Moon is SO much better than Twilight! I hope you enjoy the movie, though... There were a few wolf-whistles in our cinema when Jacob took his shirt off, hahaha.

    Eleanor. xo

  10. elastic waist skrits are amazinmg!! I LOVE that one from F21 :D

  11. so so so so cute! i hope you are looking forward to a great thanksgiving! :)