Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Mon-...Wednesday?

'ello poppets!
No I'm totally kidding, but my friends and I have been talking like that out of the blue recently..

How was everyone's Wednesday?  It feels weird saying it's Wednesday, I guess two days off will do that to ya ;)

How 'bout my look -

- pink v-neck
- black zipper skirt (credit to my sister)
- fish net tights with flower design
- white scarf
- boots

Looks like I need to windex my mirror sometime soon :)

Anywho, with the holidays upon us, I am buzzing with spirit already.  Before I go on and on more about Christmas (which I definitely could), I want to talk about turkey lurkey day.  Otherwise known as Thanksgiving!  I love the holiday because of the warm, comfy, cozy vibes that are beaming through my house, the smell of my mom cooking the best food on earth, and the fact that my family is all in one place at the same time.  It's a time to really reflect on everything I'm thankful for, especially those mashed potatoes ;)  Do you all enjoy this day as much as I do?  What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  And are there any unique traditions your families do every year?  One tradition my family does is my mom roasts one turkey in the oven and then we fry another in the fryer.  Boy, do we have leftovers.

On another note, I have a question for you all.  What do you prefer - a long or short post?  I know it's ultimately up to me how long I make each post, but I'd like to have your input.

I'm off to do some algebra II...
fun, fun fun.
I guess it is when I watch TV while doing it!

lots of love to you all :)


  1. Look at you! Sooo sassy! I want those tights. My fav Thanksgiving foos is the mashed potatoes! I love carbs! hahaha

  2. Thanksgiving is something I've never celebrated before...LOL, the turkey only comes to dinner on the 25th of december!

    Any post, long or short, is GREAT. :D


  3. gahhhh thanksgiving!!!!!!! so excited! looking super cute!

  4. i totes have the same tights as you! :D

    i adore the holiday seasons. the smell of gingerbread, candy canes, christmas oranges! pine, and wintergreens :) family, the music.. girl, I could go on.

  5. Thanksgiving is so my favorite holiday. Though my family is completely unconventional...basically I just spend the day in pajamas and mosey on downstairs every few hours to nibble on something tasty. It's totally a day of laid-back relaxing in my house! :)

    By the way...j'adore that scarf! :)

  6. love those tights!

    we dont celebrate thanksgiving in the uk, but i wish we did because it sounds so much fun!

    xo hannah

  7. omg i love love the holidays...i am determined to purely enjoy myself this year and not stress out one bit, easier said than done, but i'll do it :)
    those tights are rocking girl!
    thank you thank you for being here my dear!

  8. Any post long or short is good as long as there are pictures.

    Love your patterned tights.

  9. girlie you are just adorable - seriously your outfits are just so cool!! love the stockings.

  10. love your tights. And on thanksgiving day, it's lasagna, eggplant Parmesan, and baked ziti I go after. So, basically pasta. And, as for your posts. I like them just the way they are now: some long, not so long, but still interesting.