Sunday, November 1, 2009

buh-bye October

Hey all, another week has come and gone.  Where does time go?’s November already!  How was everyone’s Halloween?Mine was good, I saw Paranormal Activity with my friends. Pshh, all show, no go.  It wasn’t scary – and that’s coming from, as I’ve said before, a non-scary movie person.

So sorry about not posting yesterday, I just really wasn’t in the mood.  I guess it was because I had so many blogs I wanted to catch up on, that I ended up not having much time :)
Well, let me get to this week’s sum-up -

1. October is done and gone…

Now it’s time to break out the…CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  Oh my, this year will be the first having the blog world with me as I, and many others across the world, celebrate Christmas.  What you don’t know about me is that I am probably the numero uno Christmas-goer.  It is my favorite holiday, besides my birthday of course ;)  As soon as November begins I’m ready to dive into the Christmas spirit.  I’m not into starting Christmas in early October, but by all means November is the perfect month!  Are you all as excited about Christmas as I am?  What is your favorite holiday?

2. I should have listened.

Ever since I have stepped into this cyberspace blogging community, I have seen several upon several pictures of delectable breakfasts.  Each of them united with one particular ingredient – oat bran.  Now, while they looked entirely too delicious to handle, I would always look and then scroll by without the motivation to mimic the wonderful bowls of goodness.  However, yesterday I found the motivation and also found the number of mornings I have missed out on the unbelievable, edible sensation.   What was I possibly thinking?  I should have been eating this a long time ago!  The texture – incredible, the taste – unbeatable, and the warmth – unforgettable :)  I added some banana to the mix, a copious amount of cinnamon, a drizzle of almond butter, and my precious blueberries…aka the equivalent of perfection. What’s your favorite oat bran combination? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;)

3. Time to get physical, physical..

Yes, that is correct..I am finally able to do some activity!  My parents said little by little I can do some strength training and yoga.  This I am so excited about, because it has been far too long since I have gotten to do anything along the lines of physical activity.  I am also super stoked about getting into yoga, I’m really interested to see the benefits. One thing I will never do again – take exercise for granted.

4. Weekly Crave    

There is one thing about a boot craving, you have to keep feeding it…even if you already own way too many pairs…
Seychelles 'Orchestra' Boot

I tried these puppies on and they fit like a dream, not to mention they are the perfect color :)  A girl can never have too many shoes, right?

That’ll be all for tonight folks.

Enjoy this Sunday evening!


  1. yay yay for oat bran :) if you want to read up on my technique you can check it out hereeee my love:

    happy November, sweets!

  2. Hmm... My FAVORITE holiday is Christmas, but I love Thanksgiving and Halloween too.

    I never make oat bran usually, but for oats, I love them with dried tart cherries, vanilla and almond extracts, and some milk mixed in and then topped with almond butter and graham crackers. Those are my favorite - cherry almond crumble oats.

    Happy November! It seems like the months are FLYING by! Ahhh! It will be New Years before too long!

  3. i love me some christmas!! but i must say i am superr excited for thanksgiving right now!! i can not wait to spend an entire week at home, eek soo excited!
    oat bran totally rocks :)
    congratulations on yoga, i think it makes life better

  4. Oh I love those booots!!!

    Christmas music gets turned on November first! OH i love love love the holiday <3

    Bran combos.. in pure pumpkin+spices.. then microwaved.. (add vanilla yog and micro-ed apple too ) delicio

  5. Haha, they set up christmas decor in the malls and streets already over here! I kid you not :) I'm looking forward to the carols, but no white xmas over chance!

    Oat bran...gotta get on that bandwagon<3 And you're right. Once I get my exercising privileges back, I am definitely NOT going to take them for granted! Envy you your yoga, Emily:)


  6. Please...usually I have the Christmas tree up by November 1 - this year, with my going on vacation, however, I didn't put it up. It feels weird not seeing the Christmas tree in our living room already - it's my favorite thing. Though the Christmas music has already begun. I'm one of those people who listens to Christmas music year-round!

    Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for the last two years. It used to be Christmas; but it's gotten so commercial - Thanksgiving seems less so. Plus I adore the fall! :)

    Mmm...those boots are delicious. I need! :)

  7. Very cute boots! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. I just love it so much! The family, the cold, the music, the scent of it.

    I would give you my favorite oat bran recipe, but I just can't decide. THe combinations are just so endless and it seems like I never ever make the same recipe twice! :/
    I HAVE made a similar combo 2 days in a row but using oatmeal: 1 packet oats, 1/2 c. hemp milk, stevia packet, 3-4 drops rose water, 1 kiwi, 1/4 c. cottage cheese, 1/2 trail mix Honest Foods bar. So good! I have the recipe written out somewhere... I am going to post the original version on my blog today...

    Much love to you!

  8. Love the boots, and I LOVE Christmas! I dont understand people that dont. Bring on the christmas music, lights, shopping, food, parties... mmmmm :)

    And welcome to the wonderful world of oatbran. Some of my fave combinations...
    cooked apple, rainsins and cinamon
    honey and figs
    dates and banana
    pumkin, spices and toasted pecan nuts
    any kind of berries and coconut
    oh I could go on all day!

    Hope you had a good Monday :)
    hannah xo

  9. love those boots! i want/neeeed the, ;)

    oat bran=my love! ahh so many fav things to put in it..hmm..banana and almond butter as u had is a favorite ;) and i love coconut and banana or with dates or raisins that is heaven! any dried fruit! and berries with raw nuts. i have oat bran alot :) so on my blog there are some creations :)

    can not wait till xmas!!!!!


  10. christmas is my favorite time of year :) Although they kind of pulled out all the christmas stuff out a little too early this year...

    yay i am so happy that you can do yoga!! you must be so excited.

    p.s I just did a whole post on oatmeal ideas if you want to check that out.

  11. Nooooo! Not Christmas yet, Emily (lol!!). No, but seriously I love Christmas, but I have to get through Thanksgiving first. Then I can bust out the Christmas tunes.

    Ohhh you saw Paranormal? And it wasn't scary? Eek, I am still way too scared to see that movie. I just know I would be traumatized.

    I have always wanted to do yoga. It looks incredible. But I am sooo inflexible. I am too embarrassed to go to a yoga class with all those flexible women haha