Saturday, October 3, 2009

what's going on

It's amazing how a few days without blogging can feel like a few months..
but, I'm back! and ready to tell you all about what's been going on.

1. I had my nutritionist appt. this morning!

It went really well I think.  I am really motivated, and hopefully setting little goals will help me achieve the overall picture.  For the first time, I am actually a little excited about eating more, crazy right?  The other day in PE, my class was running the mile and just seeing everybody run and boast about their times, made me want to run.  Not only am I athletic at heart, but I'm very very competitive.  And to know that I am getting closer and closer to feeling that competitive edge again makes the future seem so much brighter.  It will be a long and rocky road, but I believe that I'm up for it.

2. I am so blessed to have this blog.

No really, I am.  This past week has made all this blogging worth it.  I made this blog with the intention of sharing my story with the world and hopefully being able to relate to others in my situation -- which is exactly what happened.  But not only have I related to others, I've helped others without really even realizing it.  Inspiring others to be better and achieve health is the greatest gift I could've ever recieved from doing all this.  It gives me more umph and push to do better myself.  Thank you to who ever has taken time to read this blog and let it effect them, if it's helping you, it's helping me.

3. I got my homecoming dress today!

And maybe a few other things too...thanks mom :]  I love it, so much in fact, that I am not going to show it to you until the day after homecoming, because that's probably when I will post.  I opted for no color, just black, but it is still absolutely wonderful.  Since it is all black, I'm counting on finding some killer shoes to make the outfit.  Yes, you may have noticed that I do have somewhat of a shoe fettish -- but what can I say, a girl can never have too many shoes.

4. Frustration.

So of course I'm going to continue to blog, but I'm stuck.  I feel like all my posts during the week are same 'ol same - my look, what went on that day, yada yada yada.  I want to entice you readers, not bore you!  Anything I could feature on my blog that would make it more fun or whatever, please tell me, I am totally open to any suggestions!

5. The look and the crave.

- purple long tank
- gray cardigan
- gold belt
- brown leggings
- moccassins a la target ;]

Daily Crave
What girl doesn't dream of her very own leather jacket to layer over anything and everything? Well I happen to be one of them on the look out for something like this --

its so versatile; wear it, layer it, dress it up, dress it down.
Forever 21's got this one in the bag that is :]
6. I went to Whole Foods today.
And well, I almost died and went to heaven.  See, they have this seafood counter where you can order from of a variety of fish prepared any way you like it.  I got Tilapia Baja style with potatoes and salad. OMG. So good I can not even explain.  You just have to experience this euphoria yourself.  They cook it right there in front of you and the fish is so incredible -- not overcooked, but not undercooked, just right.  The baja style is basically a mexican spice rub with salsa...I wouldn't have it any other way.  Sorry I didn't have a camera with me at the moment, but just do me a favor and put 'go to Whole Foods for seafood' on your 'things to do before you die' list. 
Well that'll be it for tonight folks!  Hope you enjoy this wonderful Saturday evening in OCTOBER..can you believe it?  Halloween is around the corner.
Buenos noches mis amigos!


  1. aww I am glad to hear that you are excited about gaining a little weight :) good for you for wanting to improve your health!

    congrats on find a homecoming dress.

  2. so much goodness in this post (which, by the way.. didn't bore me at all.. I love your posts, sweets!)

    yay for motivation! keep it up chica! xo :)

  3. girly you are so beautiful!
    and i am thrilled to hear that you are excited, positive, and motivated! keep that competetive edge ;) your hot stuff, and your going to go places in life <3

    love the jacket! xo

  4. The positivity shining through from this post is beautiful! Its so great to hear how motivated you are after your nutritionist appointment :D

    Can't wait to see your dress, and any excuse for new shoes is good in my book ;)

    Have a happy day my.
    xoxo Hannah

  5. Your posts make my day:) Love seeing your outfits--and getting envious over your too-good-to-be-true collection of shoes!

    Glad your appointment went well...and I know how it feels to be excluded from PE. IT SUCKS, big time:( Give us back our life, ED!!!

    I think I want to go live in Whole currently bemoaning the fact that we don't have it here!!!