Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Hey there, sorry for being MIA yesterday, I had some major homework to catch up on.  Tomorrow is the last day of the first quarter, hard to believe it's already been that long, huh?

Anyway, here are my past two looks...


- tie dye shirt
- black skirt
- gray leggings
- boots


- white v-neck
- houndstooth check skirt
- black tights
- boots

New jacket that I wore over my outfit

On to the first ever...

Thoughtful Thursday

Ever since I have been plagued with the disease of Anorexia, my whole mind set has changed completely.  No, not just in terms of obsessive thinking over food and the little repetitive voice inside my head that constantly criticizes my every move, but in other aspects.  This was brought into my train of thought today, actually.  In PE, while everyone was running around the track by instruction of my teacher, I was walking by instruction of my doctors.  While walking past a specific group of kids, I overhead, "oh so SHE gets to walk!" Now, before I turned around and nearly flipped out on them and yelled, "I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, OKAY!" because of how fed up I was with ignorant people, I managed to think before I attempted to do so.  I continued on in my walk, thinking of the exact inspiration which I am using for this post right now.  That would be "don't judge someone before you've walked two miles in their shoes".  Before all this, I realize, I would have said the exact same thing that group of kids said.  Now since ED has entered my life, I see things in a deeper way. I don't simply judge a person from the get-go, because I really don't know anything about that person, their life, what they've been through, or what they are currently experiencing; therefore, I have no right to judge them at all.  Although ED has made my life much more complicated, stressful, and on some days a living hell, I wouldn't go back in time and prevent myself from developing it.  It is a part of me and will be for the rest of my life, and because of that I'm that much more wiser and stronger than I was before.  And ED has also made me see that everyone has hardships and to assume something about someone is unfair, because there is a reason for everything.

I would love to hear any opinions, comments, or thoughts you all have on this.

Goodnight :)


  1. i agree having an eating disorder is not easy but without having to recover from it i would not be the same person

  2. I am loving your thursdays outfit!

    I completly agree.. NEVER judge a person.. I think that is my biggest pet peeve, when someone is judged.. so frusterating.!

    Im sorry that those people commented on you having to walk.. Ive had things very similar to that happen to me as well. I was once pushed down and called "Anorexic b**!tch" by someone I didnt even no.
    its all rude. and completly uncalled for.
    NO ONE deserves to be treated that way. no one.. until someone else feels what we are going through.. or what someone with HIV, cancer, etc.. is going through, one can never know.

  3. I once wrote a similar-ish post about this...and well, someone commented that I would have been "predisposed" to having an ED anyway. I guess it isn't something we like to think of ourselves, and certainly isn't pleasant...but all the same, we so what we can.

    Love you, Emily!

  4. firstly, i love both your skirts!

    and secondly, what you wrote about not judging people is so true! my ED has definitely opened my eyes to the fact that we all have our own stories that make us the people we are, for better or for worse.

    xo hannah

  5. you have the best style ever.
    btw, if anybody ever says something to you or about you ima beat then up

  6. thank you so much miss emily, i've slept and i feel much better than yesterday.
    lovee love the outfits, per usual :)
    after reading this i was thinking about me before and me after, and how sometimes i try to chase the me before and it is so foreign. before i didn't think twice. now i think twice about everything, i am happy to realize that in situations where the before me would have judged and criticized i now know that there is no reason for that. i have truly learned that all people are different and that is no reason to fault anyone.

    i know the feeling where you just want to look at them and say, "you can't say that. you don't know me." i often wonder what would happen if i told people. its tough...

    xoxo :)

  7. I think you need to be a stylist because you have an amazing eye for fashion!

    I have to agree...I was never a judgemental person before ED; but after ED, even more so I started to think my opinions about other people through. It's like ED opened my eyes to seeing that not everyone is how they appear. I wore a great mask while battling ED, I still do at times - I'm sure I'm not the only one. You need to get to know someone beneath the surface, go further than outward appearances to truly learn about them. :)

  8. First things first... I love all your outfits. You look really cute.

    Next, I completely agree with you. And I admire the way you handled the situation. You've grown up Emily.

  9. I agree as well. ED may have changed my mindset on some things for the worse, but it has also allowed me to look deeper into people and situations. I suppose it's a blessing and a curse really.

    Have a great day! I really think you did the right thing that day in gym.

  10. your outfits are getting better and better. And I totally agree with your post, you don't completely know someone enough to think you can judge them unless you've lived their life and know their daily struggles. I make a point of trying not to judge people so easily.

  11. "don't judge someone before you've walked two miles in their shoes"
    I love that quote, it's so incredibly true isn't it?
    Ugh ignore the ignorant people, they're not worth your time.