Thursday, October 1, 2009

squeezing this in

so sorry for the lack of postage.
but i've got a lot on my plate!
*no pun intended*

school, work, home, homework, sleep
repeat cycle.

let me catch you up on my looks


- orange floral tunic
- gray leggings
- boots


- gray top with plaid sleeves
- jeans
- boots

alright well I have so much to say, but that'll have to wait for another day!  too much hw to squeeze in, plus I'M SO TIRED.

have a great night!


  1. you are way to cute <3
    i love your black boots!! and the room your standing in :)

  2. Will you never stop looking so fabulous:D

    Rest up, sweetie! Being exhausted is NOT FUN!

  3. You have such adorable style! You always look radiant. And boots! :)

  4. girlfriend you are a shoe diva! I want to raid your closet ;)

  5. Oh My! I hope things slow down for you... well just think. Winter break isn't too far away, so you can relax then and watch cheesy holiday movies.

    Umm, by the way. I am OBSESSING over the orange tunic. It is a perfect color on you! You look sooo pretty