Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleeping on a cloud..

Hello my lovely bloggers.

I love posting in the morning.  It’s my absolute favorite time of day. There is nothing like waking up to the sun gleaming through my windows and the fresh fall air creeping in.  It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

Today is going to be spent probably doing homework and a little organizing in my room. 

Speaking of my room…I GOT A QUILT FOR MY BED! It’s the Olivia Nesting Quilt – possibly the most comfortable thing in the whole entire world.  I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.  Enough with the talk, here’s some eye candy :]


Isn’t it wonderful?

Well I might get back atchya with another post today, who knows.

Check back later! Have a great Sunday!!


  1. gah. i want to come crawl in your bed. hahaha, seriously it does look like a cloud :) jelous!

  2. not gonna lie -- I'm currently eating oats, reading blogs, and watching TV in my nice warm cozy bed :) I liveeee for the mornings!

  3. I too adore waking up early and posting in the morning. I feel at my freshest during that particular time. Though I'm not sure if I would ever crawl out of your bed - it's absolutely divine! Oh, I so want your bedroom. I think I would become quite like Marie Antoinette if it were mine. Simply lazing about in bed all day in frilly nightgowns surrounded by beautifully decorated cupcakes. Love. This.

  4. ah I love the bed! Could it get more comfy looking? Feel free to come makeover my bed anytime you'd like;)

  5. hmmm I think i might just curl up in my *inferior* bed again hehe...

  6. Very nice imagery. Made me feel like a breeze was rolling in haha. That looks so comfy!