Friday, October 30, 2009


A big sigh of relief is in order…

First quarter? OVER.

Homework? SO LITTLE, IF ANY.

Friday? THANK GOD.


That’s right, four whole days of sleeping in and staying up all night..just what the doctor ordered.

Here was my look for today -

9-6 012

- gray/beige top
- gray leggings
- minnetonka fringe boots

These boots are new to the blog, but definitely not new to my closet. I’m guilty for keeping them locked up for so long.

Tomorrow is Halloween and my friends and I are going to a haunted forest, or so they say.  I have to dress up in a costume and have yet to come up with one…any ideas?  I’m really actually kinda hoping we end up not going and do something else, because I’m a complete baby when it comes to scary things.  Not by any means am I a scary movie person, I have nightmares for a least three months after the fact.  What’s your take on scary movies, places, yada yada yada -- yay or nay?

Speaking of Halloween, the holiday did bring out the sweet side of me…

9-6 013

…or the sweet tasting side

9-6 014

but then I just realized, holiday or no holiday, I’m gonna have a tootsie pop either way :)

Well after the wonderful feedback I got from yesterday’s first ever Thoughtful Thursday, I’m deeming it a success!  Expect one next week.

And that’s where I’m going to stop for tonight, I’m really tired and I need to catch up on reading all your wonderful blog posts :)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!


  1. pleeeeeease I want ALL your clothes!
    i read every post and I am always inspired by your fashion

  2. you are so so cute
    love the tootsie photos!

  3. Scary movies: YAY
    Scary places: Nay.

    I think I prefer the scary stuff to be separated from me by a screen called the TV. LOL. I like scary stuff...but not THAT much!

    If anyone else asks for your wardrobe, tell them I have first dibs on it! Girl, you look AWESOME:)

  4. Okay, this is now my favorite outfit of yours. I need me some Minnetonka's. Stat!

    Scary movies are great. Scary places...totally freaky. Okay if you're with a cute boy; but usually someplace to stay clear of. :)

  5. I love Tootsie pops. Great outfit Emily!

  6. mmmm tootsie pops -- my fav! actually, I prefer blow pops.. I love bubblegum!

    have a very happy halloween, precious!

  7. scary movies: nay
    I'm just like you when it comes to that. Plus, I like being able to sleep at night.
    Scary Places: yay
    A quick scare never hurts and doesn't last for months like scary movies and shows.

    lollipops- sure.
    but i live for chocolate. :)

    I was also lucky and had a four day weekend, but many people had a normal 3 day one. I loved my extra-sleeping in day, and I really did sleep in. school can be stressful.

    btw: cute outfit, i have a thing for fringe boots. I've had my eyes on some Sam Edelman ones.

  8. Why do you always look so dang cute?!
    Scary movies? ah I love them! Disturbia is my favorite, all though that might be more because of Shia Labeouf, than because of the scare-factor. ;)
    Happy Halloween! you're gorgeous girly.