Saturday, October 17, 2009

rain rain go away

Good morning all.

So the rain didn’t stop and the game got cancelled last night :( It was a bummer, but that’s okay, because I wouldn’t want to sit out in the rain anyway.  However, it did get rescheduled for Monday night, and the dance is still tonight!  I’m anxious to get all dolled up and have fun.

Here’s my look for Friday…


It was spirit day and my class had the color white :)

Last night I saw Where the Wild Things Are with the ‘rents.  It was interesting..cute, but very random.  ‘Twas completely different than what I was expecting.  There was definitely deeper meaning in the movie, it’s just a matter of sorting it all out.  But it had good morals overall and the little boy is such a cutie.

One thing the movie brought me was childhood nostalgia.  I wish I could pretend like I used to or find the littlest things silly like I used to.  The whole feeling makes me feel sad and happy at the same exact time.  I miss little Emily :(

Of course it is Saturday so that means I have a knack for something…

Weekly Crave

Every time I see an ornate mirror with architectural charm and European style, I fantasize about how it would look over my dresser.  The elegant look of it just reflecting my cloud-like bed makes me smile in sheer delight.  However, I am very picky and have a tendency to change my mind 5 or 6 times before actually deciding, therefore there are so few that fit the bill…


or perhaps something like this…


Well that’s it for right now!

Check back tomorrow for hc pictures!



  1. This is bizarre to the tenth power - at the moment I'm wearing such a similar outfit as you, only mine is entirely black. Ah, the power of leggings, right? :)

    I think it's important never to let go of the "little" you. I can be completely serious at times, but I always ensure that I retain the same childlike innocence that "little Erika" had - even if it's just acting goofy or laughing at the simplest things. :)

    Love the first mirror - it would go marvelously with your room's current decor! :)

  2. i know exactly what you mean about childhood nostalgia making you both happy and sad simultaneously. i loved how things were so much simpler when you are younger. and your biggest worries are who you're going to sit by in class or play with at the weekend. ahh happy days :)

    but then if you were still little emily you wouldnt be going to homecoming tomorrow ;)

  3. aw so sorry the game got cancelled! major lameface - at least you still get to get all gussied up for the big dance. I expect to see pictures!

    I have been getting super nostalgic recently -- especially thinking about high school. These are some of the best years of your life girl - as cliche as it sounds.. live 'em up!

  4. i am so jealous you saw where the wild things are! ahh i really want to see it :) i loved that book when i was a kid.

    ahh can't wait to see the homecoming pictures!!

    & i'm with jenny nostalgia has really been hitting me a lot lately, i think its fun to think about and laugh about old times :)

  5. OMG we have the same crave, I've wanted an antique framed mirror for the longest.

    And I miss the easy Barbie doll days too.